#FiveFilms4Freedom 2017 - 愛是人權

#FiveFilms4Freedom 2017

由英國文化協會和英國電影協會(British Film Institute)攜手呈獻全球首個網上LGBT多元性別電影節至今已舉辦第三屆,本屆的 #FiveFilms4Freedom 亦已於3月16日至26日舉行。除了身處倫敦的觀眾可於3月16日起在BFI Flare 觀賞電影,全球不同地區的人士亦可同時透過網絡平台免費欣賞今年選出的五部短片。 

#FiveFilms4Freedom 全球最具影響力的名單將於今年7月公佈。




#FiveFilms4Freedom 2017年推薦短片



Crush (UK 2016 / 8 mins). An almost wordless story from director Rosie Westhoff of the flash of first love as a young girl waits for her train in Britain. © Rosie Westhoff ©




Jamie (UK 2016 / 9 mins). After chatting to a guy online, shy Jamie makes the bold step to meet up with him in person. Directed by Christopher Manning. © Christopher Manning
Where we are now

Where We Are Now (UK 2016 / 9 mins). An intimate documentary portrait by Lucie Rachel of the relationship between a transgender parent and her bisexual daughter in Scotland. © Lucie Rachel

Still Burning
Still Burning (UK/France 2016 / 9 mins). Era, a young migrant from Guadeloupe living in Paris, introduces his brother to leotards, heels and the fierce attitude of the dance movement voguing. Directed by Nick Rowley. © Nick Rowley
Heavy weight
Heavy Weight (UK 2016 / 13 mins). A boxer finds his world turned upside down by the arrival of a new fighter at the club in this film by Jonny Ruff. © Jonny Ruff ©