What is Creativity?

Robot arm by Tatiana Shepeleva,

Ballet dancer by Master1305

Event Title: What is Creativity?
Who: British Council, Hong Kong Design Centre, Faye Wei Wei, University of Kent and Hong Kong Repertory Theatre
Theme: Art meets Science
Genre: Panel discussion/thought leadership event
Location: SPARK Hub, Parade Ground
Age group: 12+
Registration required: Yes

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18/01/2019 14.00-15.30 Click here to register

Creativity is not just the province of the Arts; it has a vital role to play across all areas of human endeavour, enabling us to imagine and pursue novel ideas and develop curiosity.

Creativity underpins scientific and technological development. It drives forward our economies and social development and enables us to contribute more fully as citizens. It is hard to imagine any aspect of our fast-changing lives that does not call on human creativity to open up new possibilities. This panel discussion will explore the significance of creativity for a number of  highly creative and successful individuals. It will get to the heart of what it means to be creative by exploring whether the creative process differs between disciplines and by trying to understand what sparks imagination and originality.

Speakers include:

  • Dr Edmund Lee, Executive Director, Hong Kong Design Centre
  • Professor Dan Lloyd, Deputy Head of School, School of Biosciences, University of Kent
  • Faye Wei Wei, Artist, UK
  • FUNG Wai Hang, Assistant Artistic Director, Hong Kong Repertory Theatre
  • Moderator and Lead: Jeff Streeter, Director, British Council in Hong Kong
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