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Event Title: The Periodic Table of Videos: Live!
Who: University of Nottingham
Theme: Future Skills
Genre: Performance, interactive experience
Location: Laundry Steps
Age group: All ages
Registration required: Yes

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18/1/2019  11.15-12.30 Click here to register
19/1/2019  11.45-13.00 Click here to register

A series of live experiments to demonstrate chemical properties and reactions and how they have influenced the world we live in today from industry to the arts to fashion, science, travel and communications.

The Periodic Table of Videos - a series of videos dedicated to each and every one of the 118 chemical elements - has become an overnight sensation and brought chemistry to a whole new audience. Launched in 2008, the videos have now been viewed by more than 95 million people worldwide. See them live at SPARK, where Dr Samantha Tang will perform experiments in front of a live audience, which highlight the importance of chemistry and science in the arts, education and our global society.

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Please note: Involves chemicals