British Library Litcraft

British Library

Event Title: Litcraft
Who: British Library and Lancaster University
Theme: Art meets Science
Genre: Interactive talk
Location: A Hall Studio
Age group: All ages
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18/01/2019 14.30-16.00  
19/01/2019 13.30-15.00 Walk-ups are welcome on the day
20/01/2019 16.00-17.30 Walk-ups are welcome on the day

Explore literature in new ways!

Professor Sally Bushell (University of Lancaster) and Dr Alex Whitfield (British Library) discuss Litcraft, a project that aims to make well-known literary works accessible in entirely new ways by using the popular Minecraft gaming platform and creating an immersive experience of the literary world. Participants will see and be able to explore accurate scale models of maps from classic works of literature including Treasure Island, Kensuke’s Kingdom and Robinson Crusoe and discuss how gaming platforms can meet the needs of reluctant readers.

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