Ashley Batz for Wolcott Takemoto

Event Title: Migrant Workers: Seen and Heard
Who: Mona Chalabi and Emmy the Great
Theme: Art meets Science
Genre: Installation
Location: Prison Yard
Age group: All ages
Registration required: No

Date Time
18/01/2019 11.00-17.00
19/01/2019 10.15-17.00
20/01/2019 10.15-17.00

Most of the time, numbers are seen and not heard. This installation changes that. It’s a collaboration between singer Emmy The Great and visual journalist Mona Chalabi, where data is made visible and audible. 

The idea was borne of Mona's long-term goal to make her data visualisations available to the visually impaired. In the spirit of SPARK's celebration of creativity, the relevant data will focus on what the artistsconsider to be Hong Kong’s most creative community - the city’s migrant domestic workers. Using sound collected from interviews with domestic workers in Hong Kong, the pair will illustrate numbers with their voices. They hope to pay tribute to this most resilient of communities, as well as exploring how to make art that is accessible to all.

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