Cellular Dynamics by Dan Lloyd

Event Title: Cellular Dynamics
Who: University of Kent, with Linda Yim of Hong Kong New Music Ensemble
Theme: Art meets Science
Genre: Performance, music, AV
Location: JC Cube Auditorium
Age group: 12+
Registration required: Yes 

Date Time Register
19/01/2019 13.15-14.15 Registration is full, but walk-ups on the day are welcome
20/01/2019 15.30-16.30 Registration is full, but walk-ups on the day are welcome

A piano recital with a difference! As music and research blend and blossom into something entirely new, Cellular Dynamics takes audiences on a journey of musical and scientific discovery.

Blending cutting-edge biological research with live musical performance, Cellular Dynamics is a piano recital with a difference. Featuring the music of Philip Glass, Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel and others, pianist Linda Yim performs a musical programme inspired by the fundamental processes within living cells. Accompanying the performance, bioscientist Dan Lloyd directs the projection of spectacular research-derived image and video that deepens our understanding of cell division, ageing, neurodegeneration and infection. 

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