British Council 

Event Title: BRICKS Debate: Is social innovation a passing fad or fuel to change the world?
Who: British Council and select speakers
Theme: Future Skills
Genre: Debate, panel discussion
Location: SPARK Hub, Parade Ground
Age group: 12+
Registration required: Yes


Date  Time Register
19/01/2019 16.00-19.00 Registration is full, but walk-ups are welcome on the day

A classic Oxford-style debate on the role of social innovation in today’s society.

Social Innovation has become a buzzword in recent years. Governments, business and communities are all exploring how they can incorporate social innovation methods, approaches and tools in order to solve the increasingly complex social and environmental problems that societies face all over the world.

But is social innovation any different from what has been done before? Is it just a sticking plaster which masks deeper structural problems in our societies and our economies? This debate will see two top teams, consisting of university students, academics and practitioners, pitted against each other to debate the role of social innovation and whether it really does offer something fundamentally new in reimagining the way in which societies address the key challenges that the world faces. Organised in partnership with BRICKS (Building Research Innovation for Community Knowledge and Sustainability), a groundbreaking new British Council project to catalyse Hong Kong universities, enterprise and NGOs on social innovation.