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Event Title: Computers that Care
Who: University of Strathclyde
Theme: Future Skills 
Genre: Interactive presentation
Date: 20/01/2019

Location: Laundry Steps
Age group: All ages
Registration required: No

Date Time Register
20/01/2019 18.00-19.30 Walk-ups on the day are welcome

Learn about and engage with a range of everyday smart technologies that you can use to monitor your health and meaningfully improve your life. 

Computers help send people to space and explore underwater with robotics. More recently, we have grown to love different types of computers that make our lives more fun –  digital TV, Alexa, PlayStation, as well as mobile apps like Candy Crush, Instagram and Facebook. But computers can also be used to save lives, treat illnesses or give medical advice. Or they can make us feel better day-to-day by reminding us to eat well, exercise more or drink more water. 

In this interactive presentation, members of Strathclyde University’s Digital Health and Wellness Group will demonstrate technology to innovate health and care and improve lives across the world. 

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