Thank you for visiting the British Council Hong Kong website. This site records some of the highlights of our work and demonstrates the commitment we have, as the UK’s international body for cultural relations, to mutual partnership with Hong Kong organisations and individuals.

We do this by creating connections between Hong Kong and the best of the UK’s great cultural assets, including English, education, the arts, and – a newer priority – social entrepreneurship. We believe that these links strengthen the friendship between Hong Kong and the UK, and allow for mutual insights and learning. We are proud to have been doing this in Hong Kong since 1948.

All our work is undertaken in close partnership with Hong Kong entities and individuals. Our goal is to create jointly innovative programmes which are of mutual benefit. We are absolutely clear that what underpins our successes are the trust and mutual respect that we have developed together in 70 years work in Hong Kong.

Please explore our website where you’ll find out more about our work, our programmes and what we can offer you.



Very best wishes,

Jeff Streeter
Director, British Council, Hong Kong