University of Nottingham

Event Title: The MOMENT
Who: University of Nottingham
Theme: Altered Realities
Genre: Experience, performance, interactive event
Venue: JC Cube Auditorium
Age group: 12+ (children under 12 should be accompanied by an adult) 
Registration required: Yes

Date Time Register
18/01/2019 15.30-17.00 Click here to register
20/01/2019 19.00-20.15 Registration is full, but walk-ups are welcome on the day

"In a war of the mind, how do you rebel when your thoughts are monitored?"

The MOMENT is a 'brain-controlled' dystopian sci-fi thriller made of three interlinking narratives. Directed by artist and researcher Richard Ramchurn, it uses a NeuroSky Headset to detect EEG brainwaves which affect the edit, sound mix and narrative combination of a specially created movie. With over 18 billion different narratives possible, two lucky SPARK participants will be selected at each session to create their own live version of the movie.

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