Cultural Leadership Summit 2016 – The Art of Successful Collaboration

In partnership with Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association, the British Council have invited two leading cultural veterans Esme Ward and Garry Robson from the UK to join theCultural Leadership Summit 2016.

This year, the main theme of the Summit is ‘The Art of Successful Collaboration’, which aims to explore the possibilities of collaborations within the culture field and beyond, promoting more integration between arts, business and other sectors that inspires us to engage in new and different ways beyond the sectoral boundaries.  

The two-day symposium, with talks, workshops, round-table discussions and networking sessions, will bring together renowned cultural leaders and creative entrepreneurs from the city and overseas. The Summit aims to help further understanding the issues of successful collaborations between Artists and Managers, their creative spaces and different cities, as well as the society at large, for a prosperous future. 

The Summit will benefit arts administrators from all sizes of organizations, arts entrepreneurs, artists, educators, and decision makers of non-profit sector and corporations, as well as anyone who is tasked with developing collaborative spirit and relationships in the future of their arts and programmes. 

Details as follows:

Date: 31 May -1 June 2016 (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Venue: Amphitheatre, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
Fees and registration at

Tea, Dim Sum and Culture An Arts and Ageing Workshop by Esme Ward

Date & Time: 31 May 2016 | 14.30 – 16.00
Venue: Oi!, 12 Oil Street, North Point
UK Trainer: Esme WARD, Head of Learning and Engagement at Manchester Museum and the Whitworth Art Gallery
Local Facilitator: Grace CHENG, Director, Art in Hospital
Language: English with simultaneous Chinese interpretation

Cultural experiences not only help to improving health and wellbeing, but also result in benefits that range from the physiological to the emotional. The British Council was delighted to host an arts and ageing workshop, Tea, Dim Sum and Culture led by Esme Ward, Head of Learning and Engagement of Manchester Museum and Whitworth Art Gallery at Oil Art Space on 31 May 2016.

The workshop used the 7-Paperholic exhibition as a catalyst to open up conversations and explore the in-the-moment creative activity from a series of creative techniques and tried and tested age-friendly resources that developed in Manchester. A group of  elderly people ranging from their 60s to 90s and their family and carers, as well as observers  from cultural and healthcare sectors spent a great time with each other via various sharing and making activities guided by Esme Ward, who has been known for creating new and impactful experiences for elderly people as well as those who live with dementia, their family and the communities.

Despite there are differences in the language, 'but ultimately the care, creativity, art and laughter transcends all barriers and reminds us that, in our cities, we are surrounded by interesting older people, full of ideas to share and stories to tell.' said by Esme.

This workshop was originated from two of the leading arts and ageing workshops - Coffee, Cake and Culture and Handmade that developed in Manchester. A story in Chinese is available through art-news HERE. Watch the highlight video and recap the joyful moment of the workshop! 

 A group of elderly were introduced to the gallery space and guided to focus on key objects or artworks that enable discussion and conversation.  ©

Tea, Dim Sum and Culture - an arts and ageing workshop presented by British Council, 2016 | Photography by Ken Fung


The group was engaged in sensory-based activities such as making their own paper fan, responding to specially designed touching App; print-marking and drawing based on their imagination  ©

Tea, Dim Sum and Culture - an arts and ageing workshop presented by British Council, 2016 | Photography by Ken Fung


A group photo with participants ©

Tea, Dim Sum and Culture - an arts and ageing workshop presented by British Council, 2016 | Photography by Ken Fung


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