Professional Attachment at Summerhall

In partnership with Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC), the British Council collaboration with SummerHall of the UK in launching the Professional Attachment at SummerHall, Edinburgh (Pilot Scheme)’ is now open for application.

‘Professional Attachment at Summerhall, Edinburgh (Pilot Scheme)’ provides attachment opportunities to promising local arts practitioners, especially independent performing arts producers, with leadership potential to further develop their professional skills and network. The Programme will offer two attachment places for six weeks on a full-time basis from July to September 2017 at Summerhall. The actual placement period will be finalised between the selected candidates and Summerhall. The selected candidates will actively participate in the areas of programme management, scheduling, production, artist liaison and marketing of performances and activities under the supervision of senior members at Summerhall during the 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Facilitated by Summerhall and the British Council, the selected candidates will also have the chance to visit other cultural institutes to enrich their attachment experience. A bursary of HK$56,000 will be provided to each successful candidate to cover accommodation, transportation, subsistence during the placement period and one economy class return flight ticket.

Interested practitioners are advised to refer to the specific guidelines and form of application from Hong Kong Arts Development Council website . Applications must be submitted and deposited in the collection box at the HKADC Administration Office by 6:00pm on 27 April 2017 (Thursday) the latest.

For enquiries, please contact Ms Lui of the HKADC at 2820 1090 or

The Programme is part of the Arts Administrators’ Training Projects which are supported by the Home Affairs Bureau. The Projects aim at supporting local arts practitioners with different degree of experience to receive professional training in order to nurture future arts and cultural professionals in Hong Kong and to meet the growing needs of arts talents.

About Summerhall

Summerhall is open to the public all year round and hosts events in all Edinburgh’s major festivals. But it is far more than Edinburgh’s newest and biggest arts venue. Visitors will find theatre and gallery spaces, libraries and small museums, educational and research programmes, studios and workshops. It is a new kind of community: a cross cultural village where arts and sciences talk to each other, where high tech rubs shoulders with all the arts including film and television. Most importantly, Summerhall is a work in progress – as more space is developed more ideas emerge. Here the possibilities are endless, “everyone is an artist”. For more information about Summerhall, please visit:

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