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The British Council, in partnership with Taipa Village Cultural Association, present 11 Million Reasons at Taipa Houses Museum Exhibitions Gallery as part of the collective photography exhibition of Taipa Village DREAM WITH LOVE Campaign from 26 July to 31 August 2017.

Inspired by iconic dance moments from classic films, 11 Million Reasons was conceptualised by People Dancing and was created by photographer Sean Goldthorpe through 20 powerful, emotive and humorous images. The exhibition embarked on a tour across the UK since 2014 and is gaining exciting momentum in many countries all over the world. It was well-received when it was making its Asian debut in Hong Kong in 2016, stimulating many conversations and discussions, and creating greater awareness on social inclusion and diversity. Scroll down and download the audio description file. Listen to the exclusive audio description of the 20 high quality images of the exhibition.

Taipa Village DREAM WITH LOVE Campaign

The Taipa Village DREAM WITH LOVE Campaign strives to support the local underprivileged community and the disabled by raising their social awareness and offering dedications of its best endeavours, along with promoting the values of "One Unity" and "Embrace Diversity" in Taipa Village. The campaign aims to bring in professional knowledge of "Generating Better Experiences for the Disabled" to industry professionals and "Fair Opportunity" concepts to the general public.The campaign consists of a series of disabled-related art and cultural activities, including a collective photography exhibition, keynote sessions and special performances and charity events which will collectively promote the value of “One Unity” and “Embrace Diversity”.

See the video and visit here to learn more about the Taipa Village DREAM WITH LOVE Campaign.

Exhibition Details

26 July – 31 August 2017
10.00 - 19.00 Tuesday to Sunday
Monday closed

Taipa Houses Museum Exhibitions Gallery
Avenida da Praia, Carmo Zone, Taipa, Macau

Free admission

Visit the exhibition and leave your comments about the exhibition HERE. You will stand a chance to be rewarded with a set of limited edition of 11 Million Reaons postcard set. Please refer to the details online.

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11 Million Reasons Short Films 

In support of the exhibition, six short films titled Progression, Contemplation, Sensation, Inclusion, Motion, and Adaption have been produced, featuring Deaf and disabled people who love to dance as part of their enjoyment of everyday life is available. To see how some of the images being created, watch the behind-the-scenes and explore the short films below. 


Is there one aesthetic for a dancer? What does a dancer look like? During the creation of the People Dancing photography exhibition, 11 Million Reasons which re-creates iconic dance moments from films with Deaf and disabled people centre stage, People Dancing asked some of the participants three questions and present their combined responses in the film Contemplation.


In the film Adaption, dancers Laura Dajao and Mickael Marso Riviere discuss dance within the hip hop culture, and highlight how better awareness around access can ensure inclusivity. Dancing and adapting movement together, they create a beautifully inspiring and engaging duet. This film has been made in partnership with the MS Society.

Click here to see the film.



People Dancing has created this short film in partnership with Youth Dance England to inspire inclusive groups and group leaders working with disabled young dancers to apply to be part of U.Dance 2015 in Plymouth. Youth Dance England and its partners aim to have 20% of its 2015 U.Dance applications from inclusive and disability focused dance groups. 

This film evaluates the experience of Oak field School Dance Group during their U.Dance 2014 experience and raises key questions from an inclusive group perspective. The young people and group leaders discuss their experience, including the hopes and fears, and provide a valuable insight to how any group of young people can successfully take part in U.Dance 2015.

Click here to see the film.

Progression - Beth's Story

People Dancing in partnership with Dance4, have created this short film which features young disabled dancer Beth Gardiner. Throughout the film we hear from Beth herself about her passion for dance, her progression and development from school through to being on the Centre for Advance Training programme, plus her ambitions for the future. This film supports the changing perceptions report commissioned by Dance4 and aims to highlight young disabled dancers’ progression routes. This beautifully made and compassionate film tells Beth’s story in her own words.

Click here to see the film.


This short film commissioned by People Dancing focuses on the work of Isabel Jones, Artistic Director of Salamanda Tandem. The film shares excerpts of participatory practice and performance work, and her thoughts and approaches to working in a fully accessible way in dance.

Click here to see the film.


Motion is commissioned by the Wheelchair Dance Sport Association and People Dancing. Brother and sister duo Linda and Stephen talk openly about the genre of Ballroom dancing, and in particular dancing with a disability. The positivity that dancing brings, along with their aspirations and plans for the future.

Click here to see the film.



About Taipa Village Cultural Association (TVCA)
Taipa Village Cultural Association was established in 2016; it is a non-profit association comprised of representatives from both local communities and wider Macau. The association aims to highlight the uniqueness of Taipa Village’s heritage by raising awareness of its attractions and cementing its position as a distinctive community that benefits all of Macau.  Numerous initiatives are planned to preserve, enrich and cement the village as a tourist and cultural destination, including a diverse range of artistic and cultural attractions, which will allow visitors and future generations to enjoy a unique experience of the authentic Macau. 

About Sean Goldthorpe
Sean Goldthorpe is a Leicester-based emerging photographer. He is currently studying at De Montfort University and has worked on a number of commissions including work for Curve Theatre, Leicester. Through Unlimited Impact funding, People Dancing engaged established professional photographer Drew Gardiner for a select period to mentor Sean to develop his skills in photography.

About People Dancing
People Dancing is the development organisation and membership body for community and participatory dance, working across the UK and internationally. Established in 1986, People Dancing has more than 2,300 members and reaches 4,500 dance professionals worldwide. People Dancing’s leadership of the community dance network provides a platform for exchange, critical debate and peer learning. This exposes its members to diverse dance practices and new contacts, expanding their professional horizons and strengthening their professional identity.

The Participants
The participants involved in 11 Million Reasons are predominately Deaf and disabled people for whom dance is a large part of their life, professionally, or vocationally. People Dancing worked with people of all ages, from local schools and youth groups, adults who dance in their local communities, through to some of the leading disabled choreographers and professional dancers in the UK.

The diversity of the people involved captured the spirit of 11 Million Reasons, and supports the aims in helping to change perceptions that can surround Deaf and disabled people who dance. Each one of the participants helped 11 Million Reasons achieve outstanding results.

Photographer – Sean Goldthorpe
Set Dresser – Nicky Moorhouse
Hair and Make up – Kristie Matthiae
Photographer Assistant – Oscar Henton

For full list of the people involved in 11 Million Reasons, please visit: 

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