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This new publication from the Baring Foundation showcases some of the creative ageing work the British Council has had the privilege to be involved in, as well as many other exciting examples from different parts of world.

Creative Ageing and the British Council

Age has undergone a re-brand. Globally, we are struggling to navigate our rapidly ageing populations. Population ageing - the increasing of the median age of a region due to rising life expectancy and/or declining fertility rates - is currently at its highest level in human history. 

At the British Council we are well placed to witness the social changes taking place in the UK, and how they are mirrored in places like Hong Kong and all over the world. Age is one of few common human experiences, and so enabling people to age well is something we all have a stake in. We also recognise that negative perceptions of difference, whether in terms of age or otherwise, can be damaging. With stigmas of ageism and ableism prevailing - not to mention issues of age and isolation correlating positively, we need to find a way to bring people together across the divides so often determined by difference. In our experience arts are a crucial tool when seeking to connect those who wouldn't otherwise meet. Connecting, learning and partnering with those who have more experience than us in this field is also critical if we are to find new ways of addressing shared challenges

We hope you will find this publication from the Baring Foundation an interesting insight into some of the creative ageing work that the British Council has been involved in. As population ageing appears on the horizon of more and more countries, we can continue to learn from these experts and their approaches. Creative ageing is set to become a central part of all our futures, and for many of us it will go on to support an essential sense of purpose and fulfilment. Take this as a reminder not to see age as anything other than an opportunity for further exploration, for expression, for exchange.

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