World Voice Testimonial

Professor Kenneth Sin, Director, Centre for Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Education, The Education University of Hong Kong  

The evidence collected by my team indicates that the World Voice Hong Kong programme has had a positive impact on teacher efficacy in inclusive practice. In other words, using singing and musical activities as a pedagogical tool engages students in learning, makes teachers more confident in teaching a class with varied abilities and has an overall positive impact in the classroom. In my many years of working with teachers, I recommend that they try the World Voice approach in their classrooms


Mr Daniel Suen, Chairman, Hong Kong School Managers Society 

Over a recent visit to the British Council, we are very impressed with the encouraging outcome of the ‘World Voice Hong Kong’ programme.  The engagement of students on learning English through singing has surely provided a happy, lively and enjoyable experience to our kids.  It’s great that even students with relatively weak grasp of English also participated in the learning activities with pride and smile! 

The programme is really a worthwhile programme for continuation and wider adoption in more schools, especially for less-gifted students through an inclusive approach.


Ms Sung Wai Yi, Principal, Y.L. Long Ping Estate Wai Chow School

As a teaching tool, singing is highly versatile and effective in improving students’ attention and creating a positive classroom environment.  With the aid of supporting actions and body movements, students not only can focus on and learn specific vocabulary or grammatical structures more easily, but also improve their understanding of English sounds and subsequently pronunciation. I hope more teachers will join World Voice because it empowers our teachers to be more effective and our students to reap more benefits of learning.


Mr Chris Pun, Curriculum Leader,  Y.L. Long Ping Estate Wai Chow School 

Today I witnessed how World Voice Hong Kong (WVHK) worked to motivate pupils to actively participate in the class activities through integrating music with English learning.  All the students, with or without special education needs, moved their body, sang along with the teacher and learnt English in a joyous environment.

In a fun-filled classroom where everyone sings happily and devotes himself/herself fully to class activities, I am sure that students will learn English effectively and experience all-round personal development.