What is World Voice?

World Voice is a teacher-training programme, developed by the British Council, which trains primary school teachers to use singing as a pedagogical tool to enhance children’s learning in a wide range of subjects. World Voice is aimed at teachers who have no musical training and who may not be able to sing.

Since 2013 the British Council has introduced World Voice to 16 countries across the world and is developing the programme in a further four. In each country, World Voice is tailored to meet local curricular, pedagogical and cultural needs. For example, in Senegal, Jordan, India and Kenya, the World Voice programme focuses on English learning.

In Hong Kong, the World Voice programme runs differently. We focus on the diversity of learning needs of the children (e.g. learning difficulties, behavioural problems.) to ensure that they feel socially included with the neuro-typical children as well as to adequately equip the teachers to teach in mainstream schools. The programme has been endorsed by the Education Bureau in Hong Kong.

World Voice objectives in Hong Kong

1. To promote the use of singing and music teaching techniques in all subjects.

2. To support the inclusion of all pupils in the lesson.

3. To capture and sustain the interest of all pupils.

4. To encourage teachers to use livelier and more engaging techniques.

5. To improve classroom management and encourage a positive learning atmosphere.

6. To help raise achievement

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