This workshop guides you through the essential skills for planning, structuring, writing and checking all of your reports at work.

Are your teams’ reports clear, credible and engaging? Do they make an impact on your organisation’s key stakeholders? Enough for them to quickly follow up and take action?

This course develops the fundamental skills of planning, structuring and writing reports. Your teams will gain valuable tools and techniques to make any report more targeted, persuasive and appealing to read. These essential skills will save your stakeholders valuable time and enhance your organisation’s professional image.


  • Write complete, coherent and clear reports that are easy to read
  • Write credible, impartial and insightful reports that enhance the writer's professional image
  • Write engaging, persuasive reports that influence others to take action.


  • Participants will enhance their credibility, engage stakeholders and achieve their goals through productive report writing
  • Stakeholders will save time, make more informed decisions and confidently implement report recommendations for continued improvement
  • Your organisation will benefit by showcasing its expertise to external stakeholders, boosting business growth through enhanced credibility.

Workshop outline

Report writing essentials

  • Analysing effective writing in different report types
  • Evaluating your report writing skills and setting personal goals

Writing the background and introduction to a report

  • Selecting and structuring content
  • Using engaging language

Writing credible report findings

  • Aligning content to your purpose and audience 
  • Writing evidence-based findings

Using visuals to make reports more appealing

  • Selecting and designing memorable visuals for different types of reports
  • Describing visuals clearly and persuasively

Writing effective report conclusions

  • Using guidelines for witing effective conclusions 
  • Analysing the language of bias

Writing persuasive report recommendations

  • Selecting and structuring content for different types of recommendations 
  • Choosing the right tone for your context and audience

Writing executive summaries

  • Selecting key points and structuring your executive summary
  • Using hooks to engage your audience

Report writing mini-clinic

  • Evaluating your report against effective practices 
  • Setting goals and action planning to improve your report writing

Course levels

CEFR Upper-intermediate (B2) and above.

Why choose us?

Full-day workshop schedule

Face-to-face public training dates 2024
 4-5 Jul 2024  

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