This highly interactive workshop helps you to develop the skills you need to communicate successfully in the modern business environment.

Is your team's spoken communication clear and coherent enough for others to take action? Can they interpret meaning, reply effectively and ask insightful questions? How well can they vary their communication styles in different professional contexts?

This essential course will increase your teams’ ability to communicate with confidence, improving rapport and connection with others. They will gain valuable communication techniques that will get them noticed.


  • Communicate effectively based on clear, detailed understanding gained through mindful listening, paraphrasing and questioning 
  • Adapt verbal, visual and vocal communication to different contexts to build and maintain rapport with stakeholders
  • Deliver complete, clear, and coherent spoken messages that encourage and enable listeners to take appropriate, timely action.


  • Participants will connect and collaborate with stakeholders through clear, confident and credible spoken communication 
  • Stakeholders will appreciate increased understanding, stronger rapport and trust, enabling positive results
  • Your organisation will build a reputation for clear, considerate spoken communication that fosters collaboration and achieves goals.

Workshop outline

Interpersonal communication essentials

  • Understanding the benefits of and barriers to interpersonal communication
  • Evaluating your interpersonal skills and setting personal goals

Structuring clear and coherent messages

  • Structuring communication for common purposes
  • Planning and communicating your messages

Adapting your communication preferences

  • Identifying your communication preferences 
  • Flexing your communication preference

Communicating with vocal and physical presence

  • Assessing your vocal and physical presence
  • Aligning your non-verbal communication with your message

Establishing rapport with others

  • Initiating rapport
  • Building and sustaining rapport

Being a mindful listener

  • Staying present and focused
  • Acknowledging thoughts and feelings

Creating shared understanding

  • Clarifying understanding
  • Summarising key points

Interpersonal communication mini-clinic

  • Evaluating performance 
  • Setting goals and action planning to improve your interpersonal communication

Course levels

CEFR Upper-intermediate (B2) and above.

Why choose us?

Full-day workshop schedule

Face-to-face public training dates 2024
 8-9 Jul 2024  

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