Cherry Wong, Unviersity of Southampton

Alumna: Cherry Wong
Institution: University of Southampton
Course: LLB (Hons) Bachelor of Laws

I chose Southampton because it was everything I was looking for in a university: an outstanding standard of teaching, a super friendly atmosphere between staff and students, and a good work/life balance. The most important part of my degree was being taught how to learn and how to research thoroughly. This has been incredibly important and practical when pursuing a legal career.

I am working as a paralegal in a solicitors’ firm in Hong Kong. Pretty much everything that I have learned on my course has come into use during my current career. From the legal principles that I learned from the textbooks and lectures, to court visits, mooting and networking, all of these things have definitely strengthened the analytical and interpersonal skills that are vitally important to my job.
Not only did I socialise with students around the globe, but also I learned to understand other cultures and further enhanced my organisational skills, as I have always needed to plan ahead, from my revision timetable to my meals for the day and budget.

There is no better advice than saying ‘live the moment and explore as much as you can when you have an opportunity to study abroad’. I don’t have a checklist to tell people what they should or should not do in university because university is a platform for students to give and take, to try and fail; I strongly believe it is a place for students to understand themselves and the societies they live in a little bit more. I hope all students will enjoy their time in Southampton and in England, as it really is a not-to-be missed experience of a lifetime. I would suggest students try everything, not be shy, and step out of their comfort zone.