Sam Kwan, The University of Buckingham

Sam Kwan, The University of Buckingham Medical School

Student: Tsun Yu (Sam) Kwan

Institution: The University of Buckingham

Course: MB ChB  Medicine

I have always wanted to be a doctor.  My destination of choice to study medicine has always been the UK because of the similarities between its higher education system and Hong Kong’s. I opted for The University of Buckingham Medical School, and the learning experience so far has been wonderful.

Buckingham Medical School is small enough for its students to feel part of a community, and large enough to provide the experience and support that students from different cultures and backgrounds need. The staff, both academic and non-academic, are friendly and supportive and always willing to help students with any problems they might have.

Being an international student, my main hurdle was my command of the spoken language. The University has helped by providing me with foundation training in English and I am confident that I am now able to speak fluently with patients.

The extra-curricular activities offered by the Student Union at the University are as varied as they are fun. I have dabbled in quite a few sports that I had never tried before, like cricket and rugby. The whole experience was really enjoyable and I’d recommend students participate in these as often as they can.

Buckingham itself is a small rural town that has everything students need. It is quiet, which is perfect for those who want to concentrate on their studies. It certainly has fewer distractions than Hong Kong.

I am glad that I chose the University of Buckingham Medical School. I love the course, the people, the university and the town and have had an amazing time during the two years I’ve been here so far.