Angela Fung, Keele University

Angela Fung Hoi Yan is a second-year Marketing and Accounting student from Hong Kong, she was drawn to study at Keele University because of its beautiful scenery, green campus, and because of the opportunity to study a dual honours degree. Read on to learn about how much she is enjoying her studies in the UK.

Why did you choose to study in England?

I chose to study in England because it has a long history of welcoming international students. The education I am receiving will also be recognised worldwide. 

Why did you choose to study at Keele?

Keele offered such a wide range of degree subject combinations to choose from. I chose to study a dual honours degree in accounting and marketing, a rare combination that was not available at many other universities. I was also drawn to Keele’s beautiful scenery and the green campus.

What support do you receive from your institution?

There is an e-platform available to all Keele students and my lecturers record and upload their lectures and tutorial slides, which helps me with my revision. Being able to access this information online after lectures means I can revise whenever and wherever I want. IT Support Services are also there to assist all students in the event of technical problems. They are very helpful. 

What do you particularly like about studying in Keele or Staffordshire?

I love how close Keele is to the countryside as this is very different to where I lived in Hong Kong. The green campus with lakes and woodlands is probably what I love the most. Staffordshire is really central, which means traveling to cities like Manchester, Birmingham or London is very easy.

Besides studying, what other activities do you enjoy?

Keele’s World Festival was great. I sampled a wide range of international street food during a week of events with an international theme. I also enjoy relaxing with my friends who live in the same accommodation as me on campus.

How do you think studying in the UK and at Keele will benefit you in the future?

My English skills have definitely improved, and I have enjoyed living in a different culture. This experience will benefit me when I start to work and socialise in the international business market in the future. The supportive teachers and useful resources provided by Keele have also helped to strengthen my knowledge and skills in business.

What advice would you give someone in Hong Kong who is considering studying at Keele?

Learn to cook some of your favourite dishes before you arrive as cooking with your new housemates is a great way to make friends.