Here are our finalists for Alumni Awards 2017

Larry Campbell

Larry Campbell

Middlesex University, Professional Achievement Award

Larry is Head of Financial Services Strategy at KPMG and is one of the leading global experts in the application of strategic knowledge management across financial services.

His UK education experience enabled him to study the business impact of his work and document its applicability academically across the financial services industry. A respected management consultant and strategist, Larry uses his expertise to help a variety of financial services clients.

Lucy Christie

Lucy Christie

University of Glasgow, Professional Achievement Award

Lucy works as a sub editor for Young Post, South China Morning Post. Her work ensures young readers develop an interest in the world around them, and have access to objective, useful knowledge. 

Studying at the University of Glasgow allowed Lucy to freely question and challenge ideas Lucy hopes to expand her work to support students throughout their higher education experience and encourage the young people of tomorrow to broaden their horizons and reach their potential.

Tse Ming Chong

Tse Ming Chong (Winner)

Goldsmiths College, University of London, Professional Achievement Award

Ming Chong is a renowned contemporary photography artist and the Founder and Chairman of Lumenvisum. He has devoted himself to promoting contemporary photography worldwide by curating numerous photography exhibitions and community art projects.

Ming Chong says his experience at Goldsmiths College inspired him in his career and it gave him ideas on how influential images can affect society, and encouraged him to devote himself to photography education.

Paul Chan Chi Yuen

Paul Chan Chi Yuen

London School of Economics and Political Science, Entrepreneurial Award

Paul co-founded Walk in Hong Kong, a leading cultural enterprise with a clear goal to rediscover the charm of Hong Kong, preserve its heritage and bring out the most immersive and authentic Hong Kong experience to visitors and locals alike.

Paul values the unique and personal exposure to the rich cultural fabrics, historical legacies and abundance of heritage buildings in London. Paul is keen to save Hong Kong heritage and reinvent its appeal through more unique walks and cultural experiences.

Samuel Chan Sze Ming

Samuel Chan Sze Ming (Winner)

University of Warwick / University of Nottingham, Entrepreneurial Award

Samuel is a leading educationalist, columnist and consultant in Hong Kong. He helps to bring transparency to the UK school placement sector and standardise UK independent school applications through the introduction of the testing system, UKiset, to Hong Kong.

Samuel says an UK education gave him exposure to equality, teamwork and the sharing of ideas. He hopes to make UK education more accessible through introducing scholarship schemes and organising interactive seminars.

Chan Tsz Kwan

Chan Tsz Kwan

Edinburgh Napier University, Entrepreneurial Award

After 10 years’ study in the UK, TK returned to Hong Kong  to continue her work as an artist and become an entrepreneur. In 2013 she established BLINK Gallery, which aims to support local artists and to showcase Eastern and Western contemporary arts. 

She says the UK’s multicultural environment strengthened her international awareness and equipped her to be successful in her international gallery business.

Dr. Yanki Lee

Dr. Yanki Lee (Winner)

Royal College of Art, Social Impact Award

Dr Lee is a design educator and researcher on social innovation. Exposure to UK design policy helped Dr Lee to re-frame her career within a social perspective. Developing creative tactics to involve senior citizens, she believes design can transform our lives for the better.

Dr Lee is now applying Action Research and Design Methodology to conduct research that focuses on empowering citizens to confront and solve real-life issues, collectively making Hong Kong a more inclusive society.


Alexa Li Ho Shan

Alexa Li Ho Shan

University of East Anglia / London School of Economics and Political Science, Social Impact Award

Alexa is now working for a local charity as a Programme Officer. She has organised large-scale story-writing and illustration workshops for local primary schools and community centres, helping strengthen the literacy development of more than 1,200 students from low-income families.

With the belief that ‘inspiration is contagious’, Alexa says the skills and expertise she gained from her UK education have helped her to inspire more young people to make more positive changes to local communities.

Linda Wong Sau Yung

Linda Wong Sau Yung

University of Kent, Social Impact Award

With a master’s degree in Women’s Studies from the University of Kent in 2002, Linda founded and became the Executive Director of RainLily, the first non-profit rape crisis centre providing support to victims of sexual violence in Hong Kong.

Linda credits her UK education with strengthening her theoretical foundation of gender equality and broadening her vision globally. Linda is passionate about striving to achieve zero sexual violence through educating the younger generation.

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