Finalists for the Education UK Alumni Awards 2016

In 2016 the Alumni Awards are being held in ten locations: Brazil, China, Hong Kong (SAR), India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the USA. More than 800 applications were received, representing alumni from more than 110 UK universities.

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Here are our finalists for Alumni Awards 2016

Cynthia Chan Ching Ting

University of Nottingham, Entrepreneurial Award

Cynthia is Talent Innovator at The Next Innovation Group, an innovative headhunting start-up that helps recent graduates find their path and achieve their dreams.  

Cynthia credits her UK education, and the opportunity she had to meet people from all over the world, shaping her into who she is today: an independent and responsible woman with an open mind to new possibilities.

Kelvin Chan Tak On (Winner)

University of Manchester, Entrepreneurial Award

Kelvin is founder of ‘Korean Corner’ and created the world-leading brand “paper world”. Kelvin said his UK education at both the University of Greenwich and more recently at Manchester Business School has given him the ability to think originally and inspired him with many techniques, ideas, concepts and Alumni networks that he uses in his business today.

He received The Young Entrepreneurial Award of Excellence and The Most Creative Award in November 2015.

Christine Chiu Ka Man

Manchester Metropolitan University, Professional Achievement Award

After graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2005, Christine is CEO of the Swissquote Group, Hong Kong subsidiary in January 2014. 

Christine credits her UK education with developing her relationship building skills that are now critical in her role as CEO. She says the experience of spending time with people of different cultures helped her to build both personal and professional networks.

Jackie Chu Chun Tak

Plymouth University, Social Impact Award

After graduating in MSc Marine Geosciences from Plymouth University in 2011, Jackie is now an exploration geologist and founder of “ProjecTerrae”, a non-profit organisation based in Hong Kong. 

Jackie says his UK education provided the foundation for him to explore new ideas and concepts, including sustainability, which then kick-started his career in Hong Kong.

Kenny Chui Chi Man (Winner)

University of Stirling, Social Impact Award

After achieving his Master’s in Dementia Studies from the University of Stirling, Kenny is changing perceptions of dementia in Hong Kong and promoting a holistic and person-centred culture of care.

Besides the culture and professional teaching from a UK university, Kenny credits his UK education with widening his scope in designing services to support people with dementia and integrating the learning to his PhD thesis.

Charlotte Ho

University of Manchester, Professional Achievement Award

As Vice President at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Charlotte helps ensure that the audit practices of one of the world’s biggest name banks meet regulatory requirements across Asia Pacific.  

Charlotte values her MBA from Manchester Business School as a major factor in her success to date. She says it gave her important exposure to a wide-ranging network of business elites and was recognised as a valuable asset in her profession.

Jeremy Lai Chun Kei

University of Oxford, Entrepreneurial Award

Jeremy is co-founder of Optica Technology – a startup that aims to help the colour-blind overcome their visual disadvantage through the implementation of proprietary algorithms on display panels. 

Jeremy says his experience at the University of Oxford gave him an excellent foundation for understanding global dynamics and opened many doors to new opportunities and collaborations locally and abroad.

Kenneth Ng King Tsun (Winner)

University of Bristol, Professional Achievement Award

Kenneth studied a master's degree in International Development at the University of Bristol. An established political journalist in Hong Kong, Kenneth has covered elections in Hong Kong and Taiwan, controversial political reform, and international affairs.  

Kenneth’s Master’s degree strengthened his theoretical foundation on political economy, enhancing his critical thinking and broadening his vision - crucial for a good journalist. 

Mimi Zou

University of Oxford, Social Impact Award

Professor Mimi Zou is Associate Director of the Centre for Rights and Justice and Assistant Professor in Law Faculty at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Mimi is passionate about training the next generation of young lawyers in Hong Kong and China to be socially conscious thinkers and leaders. 

Mimi said her experiences of studying in the UK were ‘a transformative life experience, with an immeasurable impact upon my professional and personal development.’