About these courses

We follow the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC), which is widely used in local and international schools in Hong Kong and around the world. It provides a holistic educational experience for your child to develop in the following areas:

  • communication and language
  • literacy
  • personal, social and emotional development
  • problem solving and reasoning
  • creativity.

‘Play shapes how children make sense of their worlds, how they learn thinking skills, and how they acquire language.’ (Lev Vygotsky, educational psychologist)

We believe that children at the age of 3–6 learn best through ‘meaningful play’, so our courses adopt learning-through-play and theme-based approaches that help your child get the most out of a stimulating and nurturing environment. They will enjoy learning English, be curious about different topics and become keen learners.

A series of interesting topics with theme-related and interactive activities such as motor skills tasks, experiments, games, art and craft and role play is available:

All About Me
Plants and Flowers
Up and Away
Sand and Water

In our K1 course, we:

  • focus on social and emotional skills to help your child work with other children in the classroom environment and learn to share and take turns
  • work on fine motor skills to prepare your child for handwriting
  • introduce nouns as a group of words that name things
  • teach individual words and sentence starters that will help your child express themselves confidently.

In our K2 course, we:

  • improve handwriting skills and help your child learn letter formation
  • teach and practise letter-sound association for letters A-Z to assist your child in early reading  
  • introduce nouns and adjectives as groups of words with different functions   
  • hold show and tell sessions in class to build self-confidence in speaking
  • teach individual words and sentence starters that will help your child express themselves confidently.

In our K3 course, we: 

  • work on word order
  • guide students in writing simple sentences
  • work on blending letter sounds and segmenting words to assist your child with reading and spelling
  • introduce more complex vocabulary and sentence starters that will help your child express themselves confidently
  • introduce other parts of speech such as adjectives and prepositions  
  • hold show and tell sessions to build self-confidence when speaking.

All our classrooms are specially designed with child safety in mind.

Where is this course taught?

Learning outcomes

To develop English skills and confidence in communication

Your child learns to love and use English step by step from the time they start with us in K1. There is a clear progression in skills and your child will become an independent learner of English and have confidence in speaking.

To nurture a love of reading

Your child reads theme-related books and participates in activities which are based on the theme. We develop an appreciation and love for books and give your child strategies needed to develop confidence in reading. Your child will learn to make use of letter-sound association, blending and segmenting to assist them in reading and spelling.

To prepare for entry into primary school

As the curriculum becomes more academic in K3, your child will have a good bank of vocabulary to express themselves effectively. They will have a good awareness of the parts of speech to prepare for Primary 1 grammar and write complete sentences with correct punctuation and spacing. This enables your child to develop the skills needed to prepare for primary school interviews and a smooth transition to Primary One.


Timetable and course fee

Course starts in:September / February

Course fee and course length: 

Please refer to the timetable (PDF) at the bottom of the page for details.

Special offer:5% off with selected credit card and enjoy 6-month interest free instalment when registering with designated credit cards. 

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