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  • September semester: 02.09.2023-20.01.2024 / February semester: 17.02.2024-29.06.2024
  • Hong Kong
  • 1.5 hours per week for 18 weeks

Learn Phonics with fun multi-sensory activities

Our Phonics courses make up a complete and effective systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) programme designed to develop your child’s reading and spelling skills. Through extensive teacher-student interaction and a multi-sensory approach, your child will become confident in reading printed words by identifying and blending letters, and spelling by segmenting spoken words into their individual letter sounds. These courses are aimed at children attending K2-K3. Our courses are taught by highly experienced British Council teachers trained in teaching Phonics.

On this course your child will: 

  • learn the 44 letter sounds, how to combine letter sounds to make words and how to identify letter sounds in words and segment them to spell
  • learn tricky words and alternative spellings of letter sounds to increase the range of words they can read
  • develop handwriting and letter-formation skills and prepare for writing phrases and sentences creatively. 

Phonics Foundations and Introduction to Phonics# (K1)

Two of our newest phonics courses specially designed for K1 students aim to build a strong foundation for learning Phonics.

On these courses your child will: 

  • learn to identify sound features and nuances, such as volume, intensity, pace and rhythm, and be introduced to oral blending
  • learn letter names, letter sounds of a-z, uppercase and lowercase letters and their placement on guiding lines
  • learn pre-writing skills such as developing gross and fine motor skills, forming pre-writing shapes and lines, correct sitting posture and cross-lateral skills

# If students complete both courses, they can do a placement test to apply to skip Stage 1 of the K2-K3 Phonics courses.

Course levels

  • K1–K3

Your study options

The Phonics courses consist of 27 hours of learning.

Location: Admiralty - British Council

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