Kindergarten 1 - 3
  • September Semester: 01.09.2023-26.01.2024 / February Semester: 07.02.2024-10.07.2024
  • November Term (K1): 11.11.2023-27.01.2024
  • Hong Kong
  • 1.5 hours per week for 19 weeks

Open up your child’s world with English

We follow the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC), which is widely used in local and international schools in Hong Kong and around the world.

It provides a holistic educational experience for your child to develop creativity, communication and language, literacy, personal, social and emotional skills, problem solving and reasoning.

Our courses adopt learning-through-play and theme-based approaches that will help your child get the most out of a stimulating and nurturing environment. They will engage in varied and interactive activities such as conducting experiments, playing games, doing art and craft and role-plays. They will be curious about different topics and learn about the world around them.

On this course your child will: 

  • K1: engage in varied interactive and fun activities to encourage them to respond to and speak English. They will develop their social and emotional skills through working with other children and work on both their fine and gross motor skills to develop strength and good posture for future writing tasks.
  • K2: engage in topics that they relate to and learn new words and phrases that will help them talk about the tasks they do in class. They will participate in show and tell sessions to build confidence in public speaking.
  • K3: engage in more exploratory activities to get them curious and eager to talk about the topics. They will be involved in more writing tasks to get them ready for P1. They will learn to become more autonomous learners so that they will develop the skills needed to become a strong language learner.

Course levels

  • K1–K3

Your study options

The Kindergarten Regular English Courses consist of 28.5 hours of learning.

Location: Admiralty - British Council

All our classrooms are specially designed with child safety in mind.