View the children’s creations and collaborations in a joint online exhibition led by Makers of Imaginary Worlds, Lakeside Arts, University of Nottingham (UK).

The panel discussion on the creative process of this programme was held by all project partners on 20 October during SPARK 2021. To revisit the event, view the recording here:

Date & Time Event Recording
20 October, 16.40 – 17.30 (HKT) 

Panel discussion on a creative STEAM collaboration project between a university, artists and schools in Hong Kong and in the UK

(Part of Core Skills for Life Symposium)

View the recording here

The University of Nottingham, Lakeside Arts has teamed up with artists and primary schools in Hong Kong and in the UK to test proposed Education Pack content focused on Design Thinking and Tinkering.  Children’s imaginations have been sparked and their ability to invent and design has been trialled and tested through drawing, writing, and building their own Thingamabobas for inclusion in a virtual gallery.  In this conversation, we share the process, outcomes, and learnings in this session, all of which will refine the final Education Pack. 


  • University and UK creative artists: Makers of Imaginary Worlds, Lakeside Arts, University of Nottingham (UK) 
  • Hong Kong creative artists: Zoie So and Agnes Pang  
  • Hong Kong school: Sam Shui Natives Association Huen King Wing School  
  • UK school: Djanogly Strelley Academy (UK partner school) 

Children’s learning and development is supported through: 

  • Encouraging pupils to design and build with digital interactions being at the forefront of their design 
  • Encouraging pupils to embrace ‘failure’; the importance of leaning through mistakes, trial and error 
  • Playing with materials, aesthetics and design thinking 
  • Building pupils’ confidence to test ideas 

Type of event: Website showcase & online panel discussion 

Platform: Website & Microsoft TEAMS 

Age advice:  All age groups 

A curious child peeking from the bottom of the table at a DIY robot

Bes Junior and Myst.