A collage of HK-UK scenes in the streets, where landmarks like London Bridge and King Cross Station are stacked, people walking in the streets and commuting in the underground.


Ho Tsz Yeung Jacklam and Dawn Scarfe.


Wednesday 20 October 2021 to Thursday 30 December 2021

Immerse yourself in audio field recordings and soundscapes co-created between Hong Kong and London.

The project is a sound-based artistic collaboration between students from City University of Hong Kong and Wimbledon College of Arts, University of the Arts London. Led by Ryo Ikeshiro (SoundLab, School of Creative Media) and Tom Tlalim (Centre for Creative Research, Wimbledon College of Arts), the artists use field recordings and listening as a framework for encouraging dialogue and cultural exchange between those living in Hong Kong and London – places that are geographically remote but nevertheless share a long history. The act of listening attentively whilst recording, playing back and mixing field recordings can make one attuned to subtle variations in our everyday sound environment, and help us become receptive to those of others. The immersive experience provided by spatial audio augments the possibility of putting oneself in another’s shoes (or ears).


How you can take part 

Sound Envelope HK-London virtual exhibition is now live. Click the button above to enter the exhibition.

Visit the virtual exhibition space to listen to the various soundscapes created through the project.


Type of event: Immersive audio exhibition 

Platform: Website 

Age advice: All age groups

Theme: Novel Dimensions

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