Congratulations to British Council IELTS prize Hong Kong winners Justin Cheng Ho Ching, Myranda Lai Wun Chi and Junice Tong Yik Yan, who were each awarded a £2,500 prize for further study in the UK and USA. 

From among 800 applications in East Asia, the three top students in the region each received a £25,000 prize to pursue further education overseas.  

Sooyoun Kim from Korea, Wongsathorn Jiraphanvanich from Thailand and Thandar Aung from Myanmar are picked for their performance in IELTS, study aspirations and potential contribution to society.  

Quotes from 2014 winners:


Justin Cheng (HK), Computer Engineering

“The IELTS Prize has encouraged me to seek a university education abroad. It is my dream to become a computer engineer and surely studying engineering could help me prepare for my career. I also cannot wait to meet students from all around the world and to study and work with them. I would like to thank the British Council for supporting me to realise my dream.”


Myranda Lai (HK), Law

“The IELTS Prize has aided the realisation of my long held dream of studying in the UK by easing the way financially and recognising my achievements in English, giving me the chance to experience a foreign culture, to see Hong Kong more objectively from a distance and gain a clearer picture of the role I aspire to upon my return. But most importantly, the IELTS Prize has encouraged me to continue pursuing my dreams.”


Junice Tong (HK), English Literature

“IELTS has been instrumental in providing a comprehensive evaluation of examination takers' English proficiency, and is taken very seriously by organisations, employers and universities alike. Its wide international acceptance also allowed flexibility when I was deciding whether to pursue higher education locally or overseas.”


Sooyoun Kim (Korea), Museum and Artefact Studies

“IELTS study opened my eyes to a wider contribution, which is encouraging cultural exchange between the museums and cultural heritage institutions of Korea and other countries with my language ability. By improving my English skills through IELTS, I hope to play a part in helping people understand each other better and broaden their minds.”


Wongsathorn Jiraphanvanich (Thailand), Chemical Engineering

“The IELTS Prize has provided me with the opportunity to pursue my higher education at the University of Cambridge. In the end, it is not about being the best, but doing the best in the things you most love and enjoy. IELTS test results reflect one’s mindset, proficiency and passion in the English language. It serves as a highly reputable qualification that leads students into top-notch universities around the globe.”


Thandar Aung (Myanmar), International Health

“I would like to thank the British Council for the IELTS prize, as this has made my dream of contributing to and leading the health sector reform process in Myanmar come true. This is because I believe that I would become equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to do so during my Master studies in International Health, which the prize will be funding, and I hope these prizes will continue to inspire many generations to come.”