Congratulations to British Council IELTS Prize 2015 Hong Kong winners, Cheuk Wong, Chung Ka Wing, Gordon Tse, Tinya Yu, who were each awarded a $25,000 prize for further study in the UK.

The British Council also awarded four students in the East Asia region with an amount of £12,000 each, who will be entering their dream universities overseas to pursue further education. All of the regional prize winners will be pursuing further study in the UK.

Quotes from 2015 winners:

Local winner - Cheuk Wong

PhD Chinese, University of Edinburgh

As the IELTS is so widely accepted, it naturally opened many opportunities for me when I come to choose my major and university. The IELTS Prize itself has given me a major confidence boost, it is recognition for the all the work I have put into my languages studies and exam preparations, and makes me even more confident and hopeful for the future, a great first step.

Local winner - Chung Ka Wing

MPhil/PhD in Medical Physics & Bioengineering, University College London

It is honourable to be awarded the IELTS prize. When it comes to me, recognition provided by the prize is twofold. Firstly, it substantiates that my pertinacious effort given to English learning is efficacious. Secondly, my mission is to overcome the boundaries of this nascent technology and allow more suffers to experience its glamour.

Local winner - Gordon Tse

Law (LLB), The University of Manchester

The IELTS prize has opened my world to new possibilities and has aided me in fulfilling my aspiration of studying law in the UK by recognizing my efforts in the English language. I would like to express my gratitude to the British Council for the encouragement to strive for excellence during my university studies and to continue my dreams.

Local winner - Tinya Yu

DPhil Education, University of Oxford

Being selected as one of the recipients of the prize gives me recognition for my language proficiency, which adds to my credibility as a researcher focusing on language development among Hong Kong students. As the IELTS corresponds to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, my results can be provided as evidence of my ability to use English in countries where the language is used professionally and socially.

Regional Winner from Korea - Hong Seok Lee

BA Politics & International Relations, London School of Economics and Political Science

By allowing candidates to analyse graphical data and take sides on various issues, IELTS enables individuals to develop critical thinking skills and proficiency in writing. By allowing candidates to speak with real examiners rather than merely speaking into a recorder or computer, IELTS helps individuals to develop conversational skills important in the real world that other proficiency tests cannot offer.

Regional Winner from Singapore - Prethika Nair

MSc International Relations, University of Edinburgh

The IELTS examination was efficiently and systematically conducted. The test itself allowed me to accurately gauge my ability and proficiency in the English language and my results allow me to showcase my level of English to the numerous top-ranking academic and professional institutions which recognise the examination as the most reputable English proficiency qualification.

Regional Winner from Malaysia - Cassandra Tam

MSc Social Policy , London School of Economics and Political Science


IELTS is highly regarded globally. It provides the opportunity for non-native speakers to learn the English language and provides a holistic assessment of one’s proficiency level in it. Furthermore, it considers the external variables like accents that may misrepresent the actual competence of the candidate, making the necessary changes to control for such variables. This speaks highly of the credibility of the IELTS exam.

Regional Winner from Vietnam - Vu Dinh Hung

BSc Psychology, Nottingham Trent University

IELTS is the most popular English test, and is widely accepted all over the world. It opens up many opportunities for me to study and volunteer abroad. In this globalised world, a good IELTS result seems to be the key to explore it. Among the institutions that provide IELTS, the British Council has a reputation for very high standard tests as well as great support for IELTS takers, which is why it was my first choice.