Students face varying challenges as primary school progresses. These skill-based intensive courses help develop your child’s reading, speaking and writing skills and expand their vocabulary.

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P1 Reading Skills

Your child will learn skills and techniques to improve their reading comprehension and build their confidence. The course is based on three classic stories. Children will interact with a different story in each lesson, moving from whole-group reading for overall comprehension to close individual reading and identifying literary features such as rhyme, rhythm and alliteration. This course will:

  • help develop your child’s reading comprehension in each lesson through macro and micro reading activities
  • enable your child to identify literary features used in stories, such as rhyme, rhythm and alliteration
  • provide opportunities for your child to practise reading aloud.

P2 Reading Skills

This is a theme-based course that uses classic storybooks to encourage an enjoyment of reading and communicating in English. Your child will learn skills and techniques to improve their reading comprehension and be able to identify different literary techniques used in English stories. They will develop their confidence when reading alone as well as when reading aloud to a group. This course will:

  • help develop your child’s reading comprehension skills
  • improve your child’s vocabulary through story-reading activities
  • help develop your child’s knowledge and awareness of literary techniques used in stories, such as rhyme, and onomatopoeia like ‘slam’, ‘splash’ and ‘woof’.



P3–P4 Reading Skills

This course will focus on three popular children’s classics. Your child will develop their listening and reading comprehension abilities by completing a range of interactive and audio-visual activities related to the content of the stories. Your child will:

  • use their creativity and critical thinking skills to design new characters or elements of the stories
  • learn about the different parts of speech
  • participate in short writing activities such as creating alternate endings and retelling a story.



P3–P4 Junior Coders

Your child will build up their programming skills using micro:bit, a handheld, programmable micro-computer. Your child will have the opportunity to demonstrate and apply what they have learned through working on fun projects and tasks. Linguistic objectives have been integrated into these courses by British Council experts to help your child improve their language competency. Your child will:

  • explore programming concepts for the real world, which will fuel their imagination
  • develop their problem-solving and communication skills, and their creativity, by using micro:bit to complete problem solving projects such as making a virtual pet, interactive name badges and reaction games
  • produce a written report about their project and practise their speaking skills by presenting to the class. 


P5–P6 Interview Skills for Secondary 1 Admission

This course is designed to help your child prepare for Secondary 1 Admissions. During the course, they will learn about the different styles of questions that are asked during the interviews, such as self-introductions, storytelling, discussions and presentations. They will be given strategies on how to answer questions creatively and coherently, with appropriate expressions and body language. They will participate in a mock interview to provide practice for the secondary school interviews.

P5–P6 Build English Creatively – A learning experience with Minecraft

This course is based on the open-world game ‘Minecraft’ that promotes creativity, collaboration and problem solving in an immersive environment. Combined with the British Council’s expertise in language learning, the course provides students with an exciting opportunity to develop both their English language and 21st Century Skills. During the course, students will use Minecraft to explore new concepts and ideas, and perform research into topics, allowing them to deliver a successful, real-life project at the end of the course. Your child will:

  • learn and apply language and terminology related to technology and game interface
  • develop creativity and problem solving skills to explore and experiment in the Minecraft world with their classmates
  • develop research skills to learn more about deforestation and the impact it has on the natural environment
  • prepare and deliver a presentation on deforestation.

This course is not an official Minecraft product. This course is not approved or associated with Mojang.