Course outline

myFoundation is a course made up of seven modules, each specially designed to help you develop your English from the foundations upwards. Through constant engagement in authentic communication in class, you will develop the main skills necessary to become a confident user of English. Our structured syllabus will enable you to build a larger vocabulary, learn and use new grammar, and develop your pronunciation, an important area for all learners. Students who have completed the final module of myFoundation can progress to study myClass.

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On this course, you will:

  • focus on pronunciation to improve your confidence
  • build a solid foundation of English, especially in grammar and vocabulary
  • learn essential phrases for everyday situations
  • receive guidance and feedback from your teacher throughout the course
  • have access to free online resources to study English outside of class
  • have access to extra practice and progress tests online for each unit of study*
  • complete regular assessed tasks with real-life communicative outcomes to monitor your progress
  • interact with a wide range of classmates from culturally diverse backgrounds

*Except myFoundation 1

Course information

The timetable of myFoundation can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.