At the British Council, you will be taught by our experienced and internationally qualified teachers. Our teaching team is made up of a diverse group of professionals who are committed to helping you improve your English. With teachers from all four corners of the globe, their insights and experience allow you to learn English for use in a globally mobile 21st century world.

Internationally qualified

All British Council teachers hold a first degree and an internationally recognised professional teaching qualification from the UK. Examples include a Certificate and Diploma in English Language Teaching, a Master’s Degree, a PGCE/PGDE, and further qualifications in teaching young learners. All British Council teachers are expert and proficient speakers of English.


The British Council has been helping students around the world for over 80 years and remains at the forefront of English language teaching. Many of our teachers have taught in a wide range of countries and all are trained to deliver high-quality lessons, give constructive feedback and monitor your progress through regular in-class tasks and assessments.


Our teaching team receives continuous professional development on employing the latest teaching methodologies, techniques and technologies for teaching modern, real-life English. All of our teachers are observed regularly to ensure our learners are receiving the best experience in the classroom.

Viktor Carrasquero

Hi, I’m Viktor. I live in Hong Kong, and I’ve been here since 2016. I try to bring my passion for language and aesthetics into almost every lesson I teach, helping my learners get inspired by vocabulary (I check my dictionaries all the time!), pronunciation (one of my life’s great loves) and grammar (which I have studied formally), put to meaningful use, in the joy that is communication. I love seeing learners as they understand a language point; as a teacher, I live for moments like this!

Wince Lau

My name is Wince, and I’ve lived in Hong Kong for about 3 years. My role as a teacher is to support and encourage communication, this may involve adapting tasks to make it more interesting for the learners, providing guides for them to follow, and creating an open and sharing environment where everyone feels their input is valuable. Given the pressures of school for many learners, I also try to provide them with the skills to take control and continue their own learning outside of my classroom. 

Sonia Reimannova

My name is Sonia. I moved here from Malaysia where I taught English for 6 years. My view is that learning a language should be both serious and fun. And that lies at the core of my teaching philosophy. I want my students to learn and improve their skills but in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. I truly believe that when you enjoy doing something, you remember and learn better. I see my role as a teacher as someone who inspires and motivates students to feel about English the way I do.

Olga Shynkarenko

Hi, I am Olga. I am originally from Ukraine and I have taught in Poland and Ukraine. I am particularly happy to see students progressing with their IELTS exams preparation and, therefore, getting their desirable marks. I believe that by applying some of the proper strategies we can not only learn but achieve some practical results especially when you get enough support and encouragement from the teacher. 

Mark Watts

My name is Mark and I’ve been living here since 2003. In the class it is important that I help the children to develop not just in terms of their ability to communicate in English but also in their social and personal development. To this end I try to ensure that they have a secure, supported space where they can express themselves and learn how to take control of their own learning outside the classroom.