Master English, master your future! Develop the language skills that you need to be successful in your school exams, on the DSE exam and in global society.

Our courses:

  • are taught by experienced and internationally qualified teachers in a small-class setting which is focused on interaction between teacher and students
  • develop your speaking skills and pronunciation and consolidate your knowledge of grammar through engaging lessons with lots of speaking opportunities, rather than a ‘one-way’ tutorial style
  • provide regular exam practice and strategies on tackling the DSE exam by encouraging you to apply the knowledge that you have acquired to answer exam-type questions strategically
  • help you learn English by using topics you care about, with a stimulating and motivating curriculum that sparks your creativity and lets you express yourself fully
  • help you develop your critical thinking skills and confidence, and benefit your everyday communication in our internationalised world
  • use videos, songs, websites and computer games alongside books as learning material to help you understand the formats, genres and styles of English that you will encounter in the modern world.

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