New students can enjoy a 5% discount* when registering for selected courses with HSBC credit cards. Book a free English level test now (deadline: 31 March 2021).

There is no cutting corners when learning English. Gear up to embrace the coming challenges! Our Secondary courses help you develop the English skills you need to communicate in our globalised world and succeed in your exams and studies. The courses provide opportunities for you to learn and practise concrete skills and strategies for exams by doing research and completing presentations and projects. You will be following a unique curriculum designed to maximise interaction between students, teachers and the wider world, with reference to life and themes in Hong Kong and well beyond the city to prepare you for the demands of university, work and life. Our courses:

  • are taught by experienced and internationally qualified teachers from diverse range of backgrounds in a small-class setting which is focused on interaction between teacher and students
  • prepare you for challenges related to the fast-changing world in which you are living and will live. We help develop the core skills and competencies such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, collaboration, citizenship, creativity and imagination. 
  • help develop a broad and solid knowledge of the world by linking what happens in the classroom to life across this city, across Asia and across the world.
  • help prepare you for school exams with regular exam practice, where you can apply the knowledge that you have acquired to answer exam-type questions strategically
  • develop speaking skills and pronunciation and consolidate your knowledge of grammar through engaging lessons with lots of speaking opportunities, rather than a ‘one-way’ tutorial style
  • use a wide range of learning materials, including short videos, interviews, presentations, magazines and textbooks, so that you will be able to better understand the formats, genres and styles of English that you will encounter in the modern world
  • include regular and personalised oral and written feedback from teachers.

**To support efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, you can now choose to take our English level test at home or at our English Language Centre. When making your online booking, you are still required to pick a centre for the test. After completing the booking, we will contact you to confirm where you would like to take the test.** 

*Only applicable for new students. Terms and conditions apply.

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