Communicate with confidence

Study English in our dynamic classrooms and develop communication skills that you can use in your everyday life. We offer lessons covering a wide range of topics related to work, academic and social settings, all of which are designed to teach you practical in-demand skills.

Plus, you’ll put new skills into action through collaborative activities in our classrooms, practising with other learners to gain the confidence and accuracy to speak better English.

Our expertise, your rewards

We know how important progress is to achieve your goals. Our teachers will drive your progress, providing expert instruction and regular, personalised feedback to get you speaking English better.

You'll earn a British Council digital certificate and badge for each module you complete, so you can showcase your achievements to family, friends, prospective employers and institutions. Discover some of the English skills you can learn below.

Example learning outcomes include:

Elementary (A1)

Example learning outcomes include:

  • talking about yourself and your life
  • introducing yourself to colleagues and visitors
  • making and confirming arrangements
  • describing the world around you.

Pre-intermediate (A2)

Example learning outcomes include:

  • developing essential career and work skills
  • participating in meetings
  • planning and discussing ideas with the team
  • preparing and giving presentations.

Intermediate (B1)

Example learning outcomes include:

  • making a great impression at work
  • networking and building relationships at work
  • presenting with clarity and confidence
  • understanding finance, performance and secrets of success in the workplace.

Upper intermediate (B2)

Example learning outcomes include:

  • participating more effectively in meetings
  • describing professional strengths/weaknesses and job suitability
  • improving communication at work in different business contexts
  • developing your presentation skills  
  • assertive communication and negotiation techniques.

Advanced (C1)

Example learning outcomes include:

  • communicating in global business situations
  • handling ethical matters and financial decisions
  • exploring technology, the digital world and the future
  • effective collaboration
  • business, the environment and social responsibility in the 21st century.