Tuesday 22 August 2017

British Council International Pre-School Opens for Admission 2018-2019

Open Day on Saturday 23 September 2017 for parents and children to learn about the school’s unique curriculum and multicultural environment 

Having newly opened in Hong Kong one year ago, the British Council International Pre-School offers a unique environment for children to develop into global citizens with an international perspective and awareness of their own culture. The Pre-School is now accepting applications for Nursery (K1) to Upper Kindergarten (K3) for the 2018−2019 academic year. Parents and children can attend the school’s Open Day on Saturday 23 September to learn about the stimulating multilingual environment, application procedures and admissions criteria. 

Adopting the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) from the UK, delivered through a full immersion bilingual programme, the Pre-School provides children with international exposure at a very young age. Through thematic-based, stimulating learning activities, students can develop their language capabilities in English, Chinese and Mandarin. ‘We have had a great first year with all the wonderful parents and students, and it has been fantastic to see the students emerge into confident young boys and girls.  We are honoured to have received very positive feedback from our parents with regards to the range of educational and experiential activities that were being arranged for both parents and students, which helped us build a close bond. We look forward to another fulfilling year,’ said Jasmina Wadhwani, Head of British Council International Pre-School. 

The Pre-School believes that parents are central to its teaching, and are the key to success for children’s learning and development. Through joint-parent activities like open days, sports day, seminars, parents’ educational workshops, coffee mornings and reading schemes, as well as the use of timely communication, the Pre-School works closely with parents to ensure children’s overall development. 

Parents of K2 student Evan Tse have witnessed great improvements in their son. ‘I am surprised at how many different aspects of his surroundings he has learnt about. Evan's change from being shy, not knowing how to hold a pencil, to being active and outgoing, able to develop skills in learning how to write, has really amazed me. A special bond and friendship has also developed among the school teachers and team and parents through frequent communication, as well as various school outings and events. Seeing Evan wearing a smile on his face every day when he comes out from the school gate is always a highlight of the day! We are truly blessed to witness Evan spend his childhood learning in such a great school.’ 

To cultivate cultural understanding, the Pre-School organises celebrations of local and international festivals, such as Chinese New Year, Diwali or Festival of Lights in India, St. Patrick’s Day, to name a few.  Students wear traditional costumes, watch videos, taste the food and enjoy cultural activities, which helps to develop a respect for their own cultural identity as well as those of others. The diverse cultural background of the teachers and students of the Pre-School allows children to learn and grow in a truly international environment. 

The Pre-School Open Day will be held at our Admiralty campus on Saturday 23 September. Parents and children aged between two to six can take part in fun and exciting joint-parent activities, including musical activities, an obstacle course in our gym area, dress-up time at the drama corner, creative art and crafts, face painting and balloon twisting. Parents can meet the Head of School and the teachers to learn about IPC, the schools’ bilingual and bicultural learning environment, as well as the application procedures and admissions criteria. 

To gain a further insight into the learning and activities at the Pre-School, please visit: https://goo.gl/jBX3Fy

Photo link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mboxgz87mu7gbf2/20170822_British_Council_Pre-S...


For more information, contact Mavis Ma (Communications Manager) on +852 2913 5260 or mavis.ma@britishcouncil.org.hk; Daphne Ho (Assistant Manager, Communications) on +852 2913 5266 or daphne.ho@britishcouncil.org.hk

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