What is SPARK?

SPARK is a story of:

  • Creativity

  • Art

  • Dance

  • Music

  • Creating connections between Hong Kong and the UK

SPARK is a space for creativity, collaboration and inspirational thinking.

A British Council online festival, it celebrates connections and inclusion in our communities and offers a platform for cultural exchange between Hong Kong and the UK across arts, education and the English language.

Why Inclusion?

Inclusion SPARKS Equality

Equality, diversity and inclusion are the backbone of our work at the British Council, whether through arts and culture, education, or the English language.

Inclusion SPARKS Empathy

Empathy is what brings people with different experiences and backgrounds together.

Inclusion SPARKS Ideas

Through inclusive programmes and projects, SPARK provides a platform for cultural engagement, innovative thinking and knowledge exchange, providing creative solutions to common challenges.

Inclusion SPARKS Connections

By inspiring creativity in our future leaders, SPARK aims to enrich our collective experience, contribute to shared partnerships for Hong Kong and the UK, and ultimately lead to more inclusive communities.


4 Themes

  • Cloud Piazza

  • Novel Dimensions

  • Common Good

  • Bridging Cities

25+ Events

50+ Creative Partners

Hosted Online


SPARK: Creating connections across cultures

Online festival | 20-23 October 2021

In partnership with Friends of British Council Hong Kong, D8, The Great Campaign. 


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