an imagined piece of artefact realised by augmented reality

Coventry University

Visit the Imagined Museum, an immersive crowdsourced imagining of what the museum of the future will look and feel like. 

The Imagined Museum, created by Conventry University and HKDI, was first launched in October 2021 for the SPARK festival. The platform remains live and welcomes all to explore the museum. Click here to enter.

The experience makes use of a variety of virtual technologies, including augmented and virtual reality to invite people into a digital interpretation of the museum. Like the time capsules of old, this is your chance to be part of commemorating this moment in history and your personal perspective of the time we are living in. 

You are invited by Conventry University and HKDI to help create and curate the artefacts that populate this museum through a simple process of scanning, describing and uploading an artefact of your choice. Your chosen item will join collections of artefacts from people around the world, all of whom are imagining a future that reflects on our current environment and experience. 

Type of event: Immersive crowdsourced imagining experience 

Platform: Imagined Museum website 

Age advice: All age groups 

Accessible feature: Audio description will be available for on-screen text and artefacts. 

Theme: Novel Dimensions