Celebrate the richness of a diversified, pluralistic society and learn about sustainability and people-centric design with this online exhibition from Hong Kong Design Institute and University of Lincoln. 

HKDI Joint symposium: Urban Futures: People. Communications. Architecture and Island Peripheries– Towards a people-centric architecture and pluralistic urban communities had taken place during SPARK 2021. To revisit the event, view the recording here:

Event Date Event Time Event Recording(s)
21 October 2021 (Thursday) 18.30 – 20.00 (HKT)

HKDI Joint symposium: Urban Futures: People, Communications. Architechture and Island Peripheries - Towards a people-centric architecture and pluralistic urban communities

View the recording here

10.30 – 12.00 (UKT)

Island Peripheries - Towards a people-centric architecture and pluralistic urban communities is to showcase an exemplar selection of architectural projects that have been looking at providing creative solutions to real world issues (e.g. heritage preservation, social inclusion, environmental protection, post-pandemic community) in and around Hong Kong.  Projects of this exhibition have been authored by students of BA (Hons) Architecture of the Top-Up Degree programme co-delivered by HKDI and the University of Lincoln, UK.  

Watch video for details. 

5 projects: 


Orient is a labour regeneration project in response to the rising unemployment rate during the pandemic. The project takes the opportunity to revitalise the traditional pearl industry by cooperating with local art and craft businesses in Tai Po. Watch video 1 & video 2 for details. 

Entertainment Hub 

The Entertainment Hub is essential to the Covid-19 pandemic. The re-planning and design of the unused urban area provide extended public space for the Kwun Tong community. Watch video for details. 

The Honest Pavilion 

The Honest Pavilion is a new typology of architecture comprising a job centre, mental therapy facilities, co-working space, and the park. The design tries to utilise a natural open space above the service reservoir and create a relaxing and non-institutional environment for the residents who have lost their jobs because of the pandemic. Watch video 1 & video 2 for details. 

Fenceless Green Village  The Fenceless Green Village is an organic hub with a mix of community farming, education, and recreational spaces that promotes agriculture, strengthens the community, and eases the mental pressure of people during the pandemic. Watch video for details. 

Eat in Moderation 

While the market is a reflection of our food culture nowadays, the linkage between ‘food’ and ‘season’ seems to be disconnected due to greenhouse and industrial farming. Eat in Moderation refers to a community about local farm vegetables, Chinese medicine, and farm-to-table restaurants would help to re-promote and educate people to eat in moderation and in a healthier way. Watch video 1 & video 2 for details. 

About the Symposium 

Cities worldwide of different cultural backgrounds face similar issues – dealing with aging districts, over population, climate change and gentrification. How can communities be engaged and be benefitted in order to sustain. What are the means of social engagement through design, to identify and tackle the problems in urbanity? Watch our symposium hosted by academics from HKDI and the University of Lincoln in UK. 

About Hong Kong Design Institute 

Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) has established partnerships with over 40 universities and design institutions from around the world, to enrich students' learning experience. The diverse collaborative projects with our overseas academic partners prepare our students to face the world’s interconnected, global challenges while cultivating their international, multi-faceted perspectives and approaches, and understanding of ever-changing global issues. 

Type of event: online exhibition and symposium 

Platform: Website (online exhibition) and Zoom (symposium) 

Age advice: Ages 12 and above 

Accessible features: Live captions available via Microsoft TEAMS (desktop version only – free download available for PC and Mac from Microsoft) 

Theme: Common Good