Thursday 21 October 2021 to Tuesday 30 November 2021

Explore the world of Home X, where British-Hong Kong and Hong Kong artists share their different perspectives of Hong Kong through an immersive theatrical ‘live’ experience, created through a combination of gaming technology, virtual reality, live music and dance. 

NOTE: There will be two performances of HOME X on Saturday 23 October. The immersive theatrical live experience in sessions 1 (19.30 HKT) and 2 (22.00 HKT) share the same content. Please register for either session.

Home is where the family is. Land bears witness to a continuous legacy over time, holding the imprint of your history. When you move, you leave that history behind, adrift. How do you hold on to the feeling of home and history when you are far away?

The 3D world of Home X is based on a strangely familiar but altered place full of trees, flowers and birdsong.

Join us as dancers from the UK and Hong Kong move around the temple trees and musicians sing both Cantonese and Western songs, as expressions of identity from Hong Kong and the Western world mingle and merge.

You can join the Chinese Arts Now creative team to preview Home X in an online panel session on Thursday 21 October where An-Ting Chang, Donald Shek, Ian Gallagher, Suen Nam and Dino Fung will explain the creative process and inspiration for the programme. 

Then, get ready to experience Home X performed live and online on Saturday 23 October (two separate performance times are available).


How you can take part 

Join the live online performance through a digital avatar, with UK and Hong Kong audiences able to share a collective experience at the same time, in the same digital space.

Registration is now closed. 

Date Time Registration
Thursday 21 October 15:00 - 16:30 (HKT) HOME X Panel talk with creative team
Saturday 23 October 19:30 - 20:00 (HKT) HOME X live performance
Saturday 23 October 22:00 - 22:30(HKT) HOME X live performance


Production credits:


Director/Composer: An-Ting Chang 

Creative Technologist: Ian Gallagher

Designer: Donald Shek

Choreographer/Dancer: Si Rawlinson 


Hong Kong

Choreographer/Dancer: Suen Nam

Singer: Colette Wing Wing Lam

Tech Partner: Don’t Believe in Style 

Produced by: Chinese Arts Now

Commissioned by: British Council Hong Kong

Sponsored by: Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, London

Real-time streaming technology supported by Millicast


Type of event: Live performance and panel talk

Platform: Desktop internet browser (live performance); simultaneous YouTube livestream (live performance); Microsoft TEAMS (panel talk)

Age advice: All age groups

Accessible features: Live captions available via Microsoft TEAMS (desktop version only – free download available for PC and Mac from Microsoft) for the panel talk

Theme: Novel Dimensions

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