From 20-23 October 2021, the British Council will be hosting a series of online events across art, music, dance, education, and much more.

SPARK: The British Council online festival of creativity, connections and inclusion returns to inspire bright and creative SPARKs to co-create and collaborate!

Moving online this year (2021), SPARK will once again open eyes, ears, minds, and this year particularly - hearts. Through innovative thinking and digital experiences, SPARK presents inclusive initiatives and renewed partnerships and connections between Hong Kong and the UK.

SPARK welcomes all two-way exchanges - young, old and everyone in between and especially those whose voices are not always heard. Everyone has something to share, and something to take away from the festival. SPARK is a space for creativity, new ideas and possibilities, building lasting connections that will endure beyond the festival into the future.  

Why inclusion?

​​​​​​​Equality, diversity and inclusion are the backbone of our work at the British Council, whether through arts and culture, education, or the English language. Through inclusive programmes and projects, SPARK provides a platform for cultural engagement, innovative thinking and knowledge exchange, offering creative solutions to common challenges.

By inspiring creativity and empathy in our young people, our future leaders, SPARK aims to enrich our collective experience, contribute to shared partnerships for Hong Kong and the UK, and ultimately lead to more inclusive communities. 

Our four themes of SPARK 2021

Continuing our legacy, this year we will take you on  a journey that SPARKS excitement. Explore our themes and find out what we have in store for you:

1) Cloud Piazza

A free, online public space for knowledge exchange, debate, stimulations and interactions. 
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2) Novel Dimensions

Breaking out from physical limitations. Extend your senses and mindset in a new spacial plane.
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3) Common Good

Inclusion and accessibility are at SPARK’s core. Discover how to turn creativity into a tool for common good.
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4) Bridging Cities

Bridging geographical gaps for cultural understanding and exchange. Buckle up for Hong Kong-UK teleportations via immersive digital experiences.
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How you can take part

All the online events are free and open to public. Some events will require registration.

Registration will open soon. Sign up to our newsletter for latest event announcements:

For a taste of SPARK, visit SPARK 2019.