Good enough college

Choosing to study for a postgraduate qualification in a foreign country represents one of the greatest challenges, and also one of the greatest opportunities, that a student looking to continue their education may face.

London is one of the world’s greatest cities, with a world-famous academic community and a renowned social and cultural scene. So, for many who have made the choice to study abroad, London is the ideal choice of destination – meeting both personal and academic needs.
Founded in 1931, Goodenough College has long been providing a home to international postgraduate students. With over 700 residents and over 80 different nationalities, the College is a hub of internationalism and diversity in the heart of London.

Not only does the College provide a supportive home from home, but it also works in other ways to benefit the residents (known as Members) beyond academia. In addition to all the support available for single people and couples, families are welcomed at the College, and the popular Parents Club lives up to the maxim that it takes a village to raise a child. The sense of community fostered at the College ensures that pastoral and emotional support for Members is always of the highest importance to the College, and residents who are living abroad for the first time flourish in this environment.

Members are encouraged to contribute to the College’s vibrant social programme, which is almost entirely Member-led. The College is a TedX venue, and the last few years have seen the College host some spectacular events that covered weighty topics. In addition, Members can elect to organise or participate in a wide range of sporting and cultural clubs and events, including working on the highly-acclaimed annual opera, or performing in one of the many groups or bands.
There are also additional opportunities provided by the College to help broaden and enrich Members’ prospects,  including chances to engage with our alumni, attend one of the many Goodskills seminars that help residents acquire desirable work-related skills, and attend cultural events held at venues such as The Royal Albert Hall.

While London is home to a wide range of postgraduate options, there is no equivalent to Goodenough College. The community and culture of the College; the support available to College residents; and the friendships that are fostered here make Goodenough College much, much more than merely a hall of residence.
To learn more about Goodenough College, please visit www.goodenough.ac.uk