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British Council

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1. What is the project timeframe?

The project will last for three years, from November 2018 - August 2021. A total of 150 teachers will be trained in three cohorts.

2. What kind of teachers should join?

Teachers who are:

  • teaching P1–P3 English
  • committed to continuous professional development in teaching
  • interested in learning and applying teaching approaches that have been developed outside of Hong Kong.
  • willing to share their learning with their peers.

3. Why should we join as a school or school teacher?

  • All-round support for teachers’ professional development (up to 50 CPD hours).
  • Acquisition of effective and creative pedagogical tools.
  • Co-ownership of lesson plans by teachers of project schools and the British Council.
  • Being part of a network of professionals focus on effective and creative pedagogy.

4. What is our school’s commitment in joining this programme?

Year 1: 

  • Sending three English teachers who are teaching P1-3 English classes to join this programme. English panel who are not teaching P1-3 are also welcome to join as one of the three teachers.
  • Releasing the three project teachers to join the 4-day training.
  • Attendance of project teachers and their school principal at the demonstration session (early July 2020) and the teachers sharing forum (2021).
  • Facilitating the establishment of a learning circle among English teachers within the school to share learning and encourage application of core skills teaching approaches in classes.

Year 2: 

  • Releasing these three project teachers to join a one-day refresher training

5. What are our teachers’ commitments in joining this programme?

Face-to-Face Training in Year 1 (totalling 4 days / 7 hours per day)

Individual Consultation and Mentoring

The Creative Educator, as a British Council trainer, will provide one-on-one consultations for each teacher on integrating core skills into their current English lesson plans. This will include:

  • two rounds of class observation,
  • written feedback for three lesson plans and
  • two rounds of online discussion.

Lesson Plan Development

Prepare five lesson plans for English classes with core skills elements incorporated throughout the year. Two lesson plans will be developed in the training days and three lesson plans will be developed from December 2019 to February 2010 with guidance from the mentor.

Creative Education Resource Depository

  • Materials on the other two core skills for self-study.
  • Participate in a thematic discussion online.
  • Lesson plans developed under this programme by project teachers will be uploaded as shared resources.

Learning Circle 

  • Three project teachers from the same school will establish a learning circle with the guidance of the assigned mentor and will share their learning with other English teachers in the school.

2-hour Demonstration Session (July 2020)

Attend the class observation session and exchange views regarding integrating core skills teaching approaches in English classes with other project teachers, school representatives and others within the community of practice. 

1-Day Teachers Sharing Forum (November 2020)

  • Attend the keynote speech session delivered by leading HK and UK practitioners.  
  • Participate in the sharing experience among project teachers, school leaders, academics, policy makers and other relevant stakeholders.

1-Day Refresher Training in Year 2 (October 2020)

Attend training to review, reflect and share best practices.

6. Can our school send more (or fewer) teachers to this programme?

You are still welcome to join but priority will be given to schools who send three teachers. Since each teacher will only receive face-to-face training on one of the three core skills, we strongly encourage each school to register for all three skills for a comprehensive core skills learning and application experience. 

Also, with a limited quota (60 teachers from 20 schools), every school will send no more than 3 teachers to the training. 

7. Our teachers cannot commit to all trainings. Is this an issue?

This is a very intensive programme and the 4-day training involves a lot of discussion with the trainers and teachers from other schools. Therefore, if you have already foreseen that you will not be able to attend all 4 days, your application will not be considered.  

8. Our school is only interested in one/two of the core skills. Can we just sign up for those?

The training for each core skill is inter-linked and complementary to the others. Therefore, each school has to register for all three skills for a comprehensive core skills learning and application experience.

9. Are there any CPD hours/certificates?

Yes, up to 50 CPD hours and an attendance certificate issued by British Council.