Core Skills for Life Teacher Training Workshop ©

British Council

For frequently asked questions, please click below.

1. What is the project timeframe?

The project is funded to run for three years from 2018 to 2021. Entering the third year, this project aims to recruit 20 schools and a total of 60 teachers to join the 2020-2021 cohort.

2. Why should we join?

  • All-round support for teachers’ professional development (up to 50 CPD hours)
  • Acquisition of effective and creative pedagogical tools
  • Unlimited access(during project period) to core skills lesson plans developed by project teachers that participated in these three years
  • Being part of a network of education professionals focus on effective and creative pedagogy

3. What are our commitments in joining this programme?

  • 5 days of online training 
  • Lesson plan development
    Develop 5 lesson plans for your English classes with core skills elements incorporated throughout the year. With the help from the Creative Educators, project teachers will develop 2 lesson plans in the third day and fourth day of training. 3 other lesson plans will be developed from December 2020 to March 2021 with individual guidance from the mentor.
  • Class observations
    Each teacher will be assigned a mentor who will provide one-on-one consultations for integrating core skills into their English lessons throughout the school year. Two class observations will be conducted to understand better on teachers’ professional development needs, and provide practical guidance on how to integrate core skills into your English lessons and make your lessons more fun and interactive. 
  • Learning circle
    3 project teachers from the same school should establish a learning circle to share their learnings with other English teachers in the school.
  • Award Ceremony and Demonstration Session (2 hours)
    Attend demonstration session to observe selected teachers’ English class and exchange views regarding core skills teaching approaches with other project teachers, school representatives, education practitioners and academics. 
  • Teachers Sharing Forum (1 day)
    Attend the keynote speech sessions and workshops delivered by leading HK and UK education practitioners to exchange insights with education practitioners and academics aimed at supporting creative and effective teaching. You can also take this opportunity to share your classroom activities and teaching experience among project teachers, school leaders, academics, policy makers and other relevant stakeholders.


4. Our school has targeted 3 teachers to join the project but they have not yet decided to focus on which core skill. Can we sign up first?

Sure. You can sign up first to secure a place. After receiving your application, we will be in contact with you and provide a project briefing. You can confirm on which area to focus on after you learn more about the project. 

5. Can our school send only one or two teachers to this programme?

Since each teacher will only receive the training to focus on one of the three targeted core skills, we strongly recommend each school to send three teachers to join all three targeted core skills of the project. However, we understand that not all schools will be available to send three teachers. In this case, you are still welcome to sign up but priority will be given to schools who can send three teachers to attend the programme.

6. Our school is only interested in one/two of the core skills. Can we only sign up for those?

The training for each core skill is inter-related and complementary to the others. Therefore, each school is highly recommended to send three teachers to attend all three core skills for a comprehensive learning and application.

7. Our teachers cannot commit to all trainings. Is this an issue?

This is an intensive programme and the 5 days of training consist of a lot of interactive sessions with the Creative Educators and teachers from other schools. Therefore, please ensure your teachers are available to attend all trainings to make the most out of the project.