FameLab talks never fail to inspire. Discover the winners, the finalists and the presentations of the FameLab Hong Kong competition.

Nicole Phoebe Tanner, the Winner of FameLab Hong Kong 2017, "I see FameLab as a step toward achieving a better and more educated society. This competition attracted me because it encourages young scientists to develop skills in communication and presentation, both of which are important skills that are both necessary and lacking in the scientific community. I hope that by being a part of FameLab, I can learn to be a better communicator, a better doctor, and in turn be a better contributor in our field and our world today." 

Kenny Chan, 1st Runner-up of FameLab Hong Kong 2016, "FameLab is the platform where science is eloquently and engagingly presented. Here all FameLabbers have found their united passion in STEM* and theatrical performance and, perhaps more importantly, entranced the general public with their beauty and elegance."

Harrison Li, 2nd Runner-up of FameLab Hong Kong 2016, "Science is a highly sophisticated domain of knowledge. But for it to carry meaning requires a group of dedicated individuals to spread ideas across audiences - this is the essence of FameLab: the stepping stone for aspiring science communicators."

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