Aptis tests English skills relevant to your requirements. It offers you the flexibility to either assess all four English skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking together with the core mandatory component (grammar and vocabulary) or test just one skill, e.g. writing.

What is the Aptis writing test like?

There are four parts to the Aptis writing test. You will fill in forms, interact in a social media-type written conversation and write emails. All writing tasks are marked by an examiner. The writing test takes up to 55 minutes, the timings for each section below are recommendations only.

  • Word-level writing (In the first part, you must complete a form by filling in some basic personal information. There is no extended writing in this part (no sentence writing), just individual words. You should spend no more than three minutes on this part.)
  • Short text writing (This part is again about form filling, but this time you need to write in sentences. You should spend no more than seven minutes on this part.)
  • Three written parts of the text, all of which require responses (In this part, you will have a social network-type interaction. You will receive three questions and need to respond. You should spend no more than ten minutes on this part.)
  • Formal and informal writing (This part requires that you write an informal email to a friend and a more formal email to an unknown person. Both emails are in reaction to information about a change. You should spend no more than 20 minutes on this part.) 

What does the Aptis score mean?

You will receive results based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). They will indicate your CEFR (A1-C2) level for each skill tested. If you take all 4 skills you will receive an overall CEFR level and a scaled score (0-50) showing your level for each skill level tested.

If you like to use the Aptis writing test to evaluate candidates / teachers / students in your organisation /  institutions, contact the Aptis team, who would guide you through the process.

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