Friday 22 April 2016 to Saturday 23 April 2016

To commemorate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, British Council and BBC jointly present Shakespeare Day Live on 23 April. BBC is going to broadcast a litany of LIVE programmes online which will be delivered by a team of presenters from locations across the UK and available to watch anywhere in the world starting from 22 April. The day also inaugurates Shakespeare Lives - a six month online festival, which will bring together a remarkable collection of interpretations of Shakespeare’s work in one digital space, for audiences in the UK and around the world to experience. 

A dazzling array of actors, musicians and artists including BBC Concert Orchestras together with new work inspired by Shakespeare from young artists from across the UK and Europe is featured on Shakespeare Day Live.

As part of the BBC’s plans to provide a richer service to audiences and help foster growth in the creative industries, highlights of Shakespeare Lives will be made available on BBC iPlayer - the first time programmes from not-for-profit arts organisations will have been brought to wider audiences through the BBC. 

Check out Shakespeare Live in Hong Kong and BBC broadcast schedule below. You can also visit our Facebook fan page to know more about Shakespeare Lives and fun facts about Shakespeare.