Saturday 30 April 2016

To celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, the British Council and the Broadway Cinema are excited to showcase Richard II, the production of Royal Shakespeare Company to Hong Kong.

Palace ifc AMC Pacific Place
Saturday 19 March 2016 20:00 Sunday 28 February 2016 15.35
Sunday 10 April 2016 20:00 Saturday 12 March 2016 20.00
  Sunday 24 April 2016 16.00

Please check the latest screening schedule and book your tickets at Palace ifc or AMC Pacific Place..

Director: Gregory Doran
Cast: David Tennant, Oliver Ford Davies, Michael Pennington, Nigel Lindsay
Language: English (English subtitles)
Duration: 210 mins

A story of power and plotting, Richard II is the first of Shakespeare's four plays about the House of Lancaster. Together with Henry IV Parts I & II and Henry Vpresented by Hong Kong Arts Festival, this marks a complete cycle of KING and Country: Shakespeare’s Great Cycle of Kings.

Richard is King, a monarch ordained by God to lead his people. But he is also a man of very human weakness. A man whose vanity threatens to divide the great houses of England and drag his people into a dynastic civil war that will last 100 years.