From top left, anti-clockwise: Jo Bannon, Exposure, Photo: Manuel Vason | Fittings Multimedia Arts, Edmund the Learned Pig, Photo: Joel Fildes | Stopgap Dance Company, The Awakening, Photo: Chris Parkes | Michelle Ryan, Intimacy, Photo: Fiona Cullen

Monday 22 September 2014 - 19.00
Hong Kong

The British Council and the Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association co-present the sharing session “Breaking Boundaries in Arts – Inspiration from the Unlimited Festival in the UK”.

Unlimited began as an innovative programme embedded in the UK’s Cultural Olympiad in 2012, returning to the Southbank of London from the 2nd to 7th September of this year. The Festival marked the most anticipated week of the month which celebrated the artistic vision and originality of disabled artists. From intimate one-on-one settings to indoor and outdoor performances that engaged mass audiences, the disabled artists shared their journeys through theatre, dance, music, literate, films and visual arts beyond imagination!

The British Council has invited Ms Ida Lam, Chairperson of the Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong and Ms Grace Cheng, Director of Art in Hospital to the Festival this year. During this event, they will talk about their unique and enriching experiences from taking part in the Festival, as well as the opportunities for developing inclusive arts in Hong Kong.

*Hong Kong Sign Language can be provided, where required

Top left - Jo Bannon, Exposure. Photo: © Manuel Vason
Top right - Fittings Multimedia Arts, Edmund the Learned Pig. Photo: © Joel Fildes
Bottom left - Michelle Ryan, Intimacy. Photo: © Fiona Cullen
Bottom right - Stopgap Dance Company, The Awakening. Photo: © Chris Parkes