**To support efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, your child can now choose to take our English level test at home or at our English Language Centre.** 

**Under the guidelines of the Education Bureau, the British Council will operate according to the rules of the Vaccine Pass, starting from 24 February 2022. Entry to our premises will require the Vaccine Pass. In line with the same rules, our Young Learner students are exempted.**

Let us take your child on an English learning adventure with our fun and interactive courses!

We will guide them on an amazing journey so that they can fly beyond their dreams for the future! 

We will bring out their imagination and creativity as we involve them in role plays, crafts and songs. Our practical courses will develop your child’s confidence, problem-solving and design skills to prepare them for the new academic year.

Our summer courses

  • are taught by internationally qualified and experienced teachers in an English-only environment
  • are interactive, fun, activity-based, and help to develop all-round English skills and boost your child’s confidence 
  • immerse your child in an English language environment and build their interest in the English language.

Register for selected courses this summer, in September 2022, and in February 2023 consecutively and receive a HK$1,500 discount* on your February course fees.

New students register summer courses to enjoy extra discount up to 15% off*. 
Book a free phonics assessment* or course consultation now! Please call us on 2913 5100 for details.

When an existing student refers a new student to our summer courses, both the new student and the existing student will receive a HK$100 course voucher*.

You can also enjoy up to 12 months of interest-free installments* when you pay with designated credit cards.

Download the timetable at the bottom of this page.

*Terms and conditions apply.

K1 Get Ready for Kindergarten! (Jul/Aug)

The course is designed to help prepare your child for entering kindergarten in September. Using common kindergarten routines in a real kindergarten setting, this course will help your child develop their confidence in communicating with our teachers in English and acquire social skills, such as sharing and turn taking. They will achieve this by participating in a beach café role play, mystery bag games and puppet show storytelling. They will also take part in interesting activities like creating sand texture crafts and making playdough food. Your child will

  • feel safer and more confident in an English-speaking classroom environment
  • understand and follow simple instructions to create crafts
  • be able to use English words to communicate

We only accept children who will be aged 3 on or before the course start date.

K2 Minibeasts (Jul)

Explore the world of insects and their habitats. Children will participate in activities such as creating ladybirds, spiders, dragonflies and beetles. They will explore stories and poems about these wonderful creatures and participate in structured play activities to help them learn in a fun English-speaking environment. Your child will

  • develop their vocabulary through participating in shared reading activities
  • improve their listening and speaking skills
  • develop collaboration skills and creativity.
  • A short classroom experience for parents is available.

K2 Chameleon’s Adventure (Aug)

Embarking on an exciting adventure with a chameleon and its friends, your child will develop their speaking skills and learn vocabulary through participating in structured play activities such as experimenting with camouflage and making a book about animal body parts. They will also learn about different animals and create their own mixed-up animals to present to the class. During the course, your child will learn

  • adjectives to describe animals and talk about unusual animal body parts
  • how to match letters with sounds
  • how to cooperate and communicate with others.

K2 Communicating Confidently (Jul/Aug)

This course is based on three classic children’s books.  Children are encouraged to stretch their imagination and improve their communication skills through meaningful activities, such as discussions, role plays, creating and using dialogue with appropriate voice projection.  They will learn skills and techniques to help them better express their ideas clearly to their peers. They will also improve their ability to

  • improvise and be creative with language
  • speak on or about different topics
  • give reasons for the decisions they make.

K2–K3 Phonics [Popular course] (Jul–Aug)

Our course incorporates the best of two popular phonics systems: Letters and Sounds and Jolly Phonics. Children are taught through a range of fun and multi-sensory activities that help them remember the sounds and combine them to make age-appropriate words. We also focus on pronunciation and intonation with the use of chants, rhymes and songs. After completing our series of Phonics courses, your child will acquire the phonics skills to read and write and be able to build a vast bank of vocabulary. Your child will

Stage 1

  • Learn 29 letter sounds
  • Learn to read consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) combinations e.g. sat, sip, ten, pot, fun
  • Learn to write alphabets
  • Learn to isolate and identify letter sounds in words

Stage 2

  • Learn 15 letter sounds (digraphs) e.g. /th/, /ai/, /oa/
  • Learn to read consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) combinations using digraphs e.g. nail, teeth, boat
  • Break words down and write individual sounds to spell
  • Start identifying and reading Tricky Words

Our course is taught by highly experienced British Council teachers trained in teaching Phonics.

A phonics assessment before registration is required if this is the first time your child has registered for a British Council course.

K2–K3 Cambridge Exam Preparation (Jul–Aug)

Maximise your child’s success with the internationally recognised examinations Cambridge English: Pre A1 Starters. We use materials that are specially designed to focus on different aspects of the exam, providing students with valuable practice and exam strategies. Our course complements your child’s existing English language learning programme and make preparing for examinations both fun and effective by using challenging and engaging activities.

The minimum age we accept for Cambridge English: Young Learners (YLE) is 4 years old.

We only accept children who will be aged 4 or above on or before the course start date.

For entry requirements and special offers* on Cambridge English Qualifications, please call our Customer Services staff on 2913 5100 for details.

* The special offers are only applicable to existing British Council students or students who have completed a British Council course within the last six months. Terms and conditions apply.

K3 Get Ready for Primary Interviews (Jul/Aug)

The goal of the primary school admission interview is to assess a child’s ability to function in a classroom, communicate and complete work individually and as part of a group. The class will explore topics that may come up during primary school interviews, including family, home, school and telling stories. Your child will participate in a short practice interview, and activities designed to give children the opportunity to speak. Your child will

  • practise interview skills like answering questions and making eye contact  
  • learn appropriate manners and etiquette for group situations
  • understand the rhythms and patterns of spoken English.

K3 An Exciting Voyage (Jul)

Based on the story of a boat that goes missing, this course will immerse your child in environment-related activities, including games, craft and songs. Your child will create a landscape book which will include pictures and sentences they create in the class. Your child will

  • practise reading and writing landscape vocabulary 
  • expand their range of vocabulary for describing the environment
  • talk about their abilities using ‘can’ and ‘can’t’
  • learn about sinking and floating.

K3 An Adventure in Space (Aug)

Based on a story about a moon’s adventures in space, this course explores space, the planets, and space travel. Your child will build a vocabulary bank of space objects through role plays of visits to different planets and taking part in other fun activities. They will create planets and space objects out of playdough, felt, chalk and other materials. Your child will

  • build their vocabulary and develop their ability to creatively use verbs, adjectives, superlatives and comparatives
  • build a vocabulary bank of space objects, clothes and food
  • learn some grammar in context
  • practise the four key skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • expand their imaginations and be encouraged to participate in roleplay and structured play activities in English.

K3 STEM course: Mini Coders (Aug)

This course makes coding easy and fun for your child. Your child will learn to program their own interactive stories and playful animations. Through working on coding projects, your child will develop computational thinking, problem-solving and design skills. In these activities, students will build exciting projects and learn basic coding concepts. Linguistic objectives such as functional language for working together, language used to describe family and school life, and future plans have been integrated into the course by British Council experts to help your child improve their language competency. Your child will

  • Learn to program by connecting blocks of code
  • Improve problem-solving and creative thinking
  • Develop presentation and storytelling skills in English by creating digital projects and digital books.