Nurture your child’s interest in the English language and inspire their creativity with our new arts and crafts course!

Your child will develop his/her creativity, literacy and social skills as well as gross and fine motor abilities, and have lots of opportunities to speak with confidence in a friendly and secure English learning environment.

Choose from our courses below and download the timetable at the bottom of this page.

K1 Let’s Celebrate!

This course will recreate some of the festive magic for your little ones to enjoy at this special time of the year. This course has been designed to help children expand their vocabulary and improve their English communication skills. Children will use simple and fun materials to choose and create a special gift. Not only are these activities fun, they also help your child build important academic and developmental skills such as categorising objects and following simple directions.

K2 Winter Wonderland – English through Poetry

This exciting K2 course is based on a variety of seasonal rhyming poems and chants. Children will build their English vocabulary, improve pronunciation and develop their English skills through engaging activities, such as writing a poem, making a 3D snowman and a penguin, and designing their own winter clothes. They will also learn about different animals by taking an imaginary trip to Antarctica.

[NEW] K2–K3 Creative Arts Club

Inspire your child’s creativity with our new arts and crafts course!

Your child will be creating their own arts project! This course enables your child to explore and express their creativity through various arts and crafts activities including paper art, painting and many more. They will experiment with elements of art such as lines, shapes, colours, forms, space and textures to develop their ability to think creatively, their design abilities and their gross and fine motor skills.

The course has been designed by British Council experts to have clear linguistic and life skills objectives. There is also a strong emphasis on teamwork and collaboration so as to create more opportunities for authentic communication in English.

K3 Gingerbread Man Adventures

Children will be taken on an adventure with the gingerbread man this Christmas! They will develop their English writing, speaking, and creativity through writing clues to make a gingerbread man trail. They will also make and decorate a gingerbread man, and act out their own story using face masks of different animals.