Immerse your child in an engaging English environment during the Easter break. Register on or before 31 March 2019 to enjoy a 10% discount*. Call 2913 5100 for a course consultation.

Our Kindergarten courses follow a communicative and activity-based approach to learning. Children will explore interesting topics in an English-only environment and be able to speak confidently. 

Choose from our courses below and download the timetable at the bottom of this page.

*Terms and conditions apply.

K1 Easter Fun

Holidays should be fun! Children will participate in a variety of enjoyable and engaging activities related to Easter and Spring. This course will:

  • improve your child’s vocabulary
  • help your child cooperate with others
  • improve your child’s fine and gross motor skills.


K2 Skip into Spring

Embark on a spring adventure! Children will learn to recognise high frequency words by identifying the initial letter sound of these words. The children will work on creating their own stories based on stories they read together in class. This course will

  • help your child to be expressive in English
  • provide opportunities to support social and emotional development
  • help your child cooperate with others.

Get extra 5% off* for registering for this course and K2 Get ready for Primary Interviews at the same time on or before 31 March 2019.


K2 Get ready for Primary Interviews

Is your child preparing for their Primary Admissions interview? If so, this is the course for them! Children will explore topics that may arise during interviews, including family, home and schools and telling stories. This course will: 

  • enable your child to respond to questions appropriately and confidently
  • build your child’s confidence in speaking in front of strangers.

Get extra 5% off* for registering for this course and K2 Skip into Spring at the same time on or before 31 March 2019.


K3 Speech and Drama

Your child will be encouraged to communicate in English through rhymes, poems, songs, storybooks, discussions and drama activities related to space. They will learn skills and techniques to help them concentrate, co-ordinate their motor skills, project their voice and communicate with more confidence. This course will:

  • enable your child to express themselves creatively
  • help improve your child’s pronunciation and voice projection
  • expand your child’s vocabulary
  • nurture your child in becoming a more creative and confident speaker.

A short classroom experience for parents is available.