The Christmas holiday for universities is usually four weeks long. Of course you can plan to spend your Christmas holiday in Europe or even go back to Hong Kong but there are plenty of things to do within the UK that will keep you warm and entertained.

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland in London is one of the must go to Christmas destinations. Millions of tourists visit every year for the array of attractions and activities like rides and games, spectacular shows, stand-up comedy, ice skating and ice sculpting workshops. The Christmas market is bustling and if you are feeling chilly, you can enjoy a cup of chocolate or sip a cup of warmed mulled wine (which is a big tradition in the European Christmas markets)! Outside of Hyde Park the streets of London are decorated with thousands of sparkling lights. Most brands are on crazy Christmas or Boxing Day Sales. The crowd and slightly chilly weather in London are just perfect to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere.

**Tip: you may need to save extra bucks for your London Christmas trip. Travelling and accommodation are usually more expensive than in other seasons. Although the entry of Winter Wonderland is free of charge, you will have to buy tokens or tickets for each attraction and activity. PLUS the Christmas sales are attractive, so you might not be able to safeguard your wallet!

Some of you may prefer a White Christmas - waking up on Christmas morning to see a blanket of bright, white snow out of the window. How dreamy would that be! Unfortunately, according to statistics, the UK doesn’t often have snow during Christmas. Only every four or five years might be an official White Christmas, however, in Scotland the chances are much, much higher.

Scottish people celebrate both Christmas and New Year’s Eve (which is called Hogmanay) hugely. The Christmas markets in Edinburgh are as big as London's ones and the traditional, romantic Christmas market in East Princes Street Gardens lasts six weeks which is considerably longer than other markets. You can have a unique shopping and dining experience soaking up the super christmassy atmosphere. I highly recommend you to stay over the New Year break in Scotland too, as no other place in the world celebrates the New Year as passionately as Scotland does. You can experience the world-famous Edinburgh Hogmanay Midnight Fireworks and Hogmanay Street Party. Revellers carouse and hold hands to dance and sing across the street all night. How fun!

** Tip: please please bring a thick, warm coat as Scotland is freezing cold in the winter. Also, pack a thermos flask filled with hot water or tea with you. If you are brave enough to visit the Highlands or Orkney, you may even be lucky enough to catch the northern lights when the sky is clear.

Of course not everyone wants to travel to another city at Christmas. After all, it is a vacation, and rest is needed. If that is the case, then be prepared and store enough food at home. You will need to buy at least three days of food as most shops (including supermarkets and restaurants) will close from the evening of Christmas Eve to Boxing Day. Check the closing time of your local supermarket and do a big shop. You can find a few friends (who just want to be at home to stay warm and comfy, like you) to play board games, watch movies and have a peaceful Christmas together.

No matter whether you plan a busy, lively Christmas in the big city or a quiet time with your special friends…..enjoy your Christmas!